You’ll Want To Read This: Predictions About 2018 From Analysts and Psychics

With 2017 coming to an end, it’s time to take a look at some of the predictions that people have made about the upcoming year. Whether they are based on statistics and logic or are a premonition from a higher power, people have a lot of thoughts about what to expect in 2018. From a psychic warning about Nobel Prize winners revealing themselves as aliens, to a Danish bank describing the future crash of Bitcoin, here is a mix of some of the most absurd and realistic predictions for 2018.

Psychic Craig Hamilton-Parker has a lot to say about what’s to come in 2018.

The Psychic Twins


Photo Credits: ABC News

Terry and Linda Jamison have been given the title of The Psychic Twins and have some rocky predictions for the years ahead starting in 2018. For 2018, they say that they see ISIS and Al-Qaida terrorist attacks intensifying in Europe and other continents, specifically more vehicle-as-weapon attacks such as the incident in Nice, France. They also predict the UK’s economy to grow slowly and that it is unlikely for World War III to be triggered by North Korea. However, they claim that tensions will remain high between the two countries and that hurricanes will continue to become more devastating and there will be extreme weather globally, especially in the United States.

Ownership Will Decrease


If you haven’t noticed, people, especially Millennials, have begun to own less. They don’t need a car, they’ll take an Uber, they don’t buy albums, they subscribe the Spotify, they don’t buy DVDs, they use Netflix. This culture of not wanting to own, but just wanting access to things is predicted to increase in 2018 according to Rupert Hunt, CEO of SpareRoom the UK roommate-matching site. He believes that “with Generation Z going into the workforce in 2018, we’re going to see one of the first generations that haven’t grown up with the expectation of ownership, and are less emotionally wedded to it.”

The Bitcoin


Photo Credits: Bitcoin

According to The Telegraph, it is predicted that “Bitcoin will peak above $60,000 in 2018 before crashing to its fundamental production cost of $1,000 the following year.” The Danish bank Saxo Bank believes that the Bitcoin phenomenon will carry into 2018, however, “the mania will find the rug torn out from under it as Russia and China move to sideline and even prohibit non-sanctioned cryptocurrencies domestically”. In December 2017, Bitcoin surpassed the 17th-century “tulip mania” and is going to end up causing the largest financial bubble in history which is bound to pop.

Up next, it looks like 2018 is the year for women to take over major Fortune 500 companies!

Women Shatter The Glass Ceiling


According to MarketWatch, it is believed that in 2018, women will take a record number of CEO positions at Fortune 500 companies. It is believed that the trigger of this movement was in part due to the 2017 #metoo campaign against sexual harassment which left many men in power jobless and sent a message to “the chauvinist old boy’s clubs” that the jig is up. This has left room and opportunity for many females to climb to the top with female CEOs at more than 60 Fortune 500 companies by the end of 2018. In 2016 there were 21, and it has already risen to 32 in 2017 so this doesn’t seem like an unreasonable prediction.

Subscription Model Will Become The Standard


Tien Tzuo, the founder, and CEO of Zuora claims that the subscription model will become the standard for all industries. He notes that over the past years we have seen how subscriptions can disrupt industries like Netflix did with TV and Spotify with music. Now, he believes that in 2018, this will become the norm, and all companies will start making the shift to subscription-based services. He notes that “companies adopting this model are increasing their revenue nine times faster than the traditional business model.” So we’ll see services we never thought would be a subscription-based service move in that direction.

Craig Hamilton-Parker Predicts A Dark Year


Craig Hamilton proclaims that he has the ability to see into the future and has some rather dark predictions for the 2018 year. In the past, not all of his predictions have come true however he did successfully predict Brexit and Trump. In a YouTube video, Hamilton made the claims that an attempt to impeach Donald Trump will fail, a United States warship will sink, Kim Jong-un will be overthrown by his people, Theresa May will stay in power, a volcano near Naples will erupt, there will be a massive break in the Antarctic ice shelf, there will be a global flue due to bioterrorism, and the Euro will collapse. So, it’s clear that Craig Hamilton isn’t necessarily optimistic of 2018, so if his predictions are true, we have quite a year ahead of us.

You’ll never guess what Sylvia Browne has to say about aliens!

The Rise of Urban Suburbs


Photo Credits: The New York Times

It has been predicted by Redfin that there will be a movement toward the building and creation of “urban suburbs”. They believe that certain high-income Millenials want to live an urban lifestyle with public transportation and the perks of a city, but also want the benefits of a suburb. So, now, they are willing to pay for it and are beginning to build homes with two or three bedrooms next to public transit, stores, etc. Redfin Kansas City agent Wayne Grat notes, “We are talking about neighborhoods outside of the city, but still relatively densely populated, with walkability, amenities, and bikeable commutes.” This way Millenials can have their cake and eat it too.

More Human-Like Help


With the continuous advancement of technology added with rising consumer demands, it has been predicted that we will see a rise of better and more human-like artificial intelligence services. This means that businesses are going to start relying more on chatbots and other virtual assistants in order to help with day-to-day workflow and that by 2020, 85% of customer interactions will be managed by AI as predicted by Business Insider. Also, it is believed that we will see this increase outside of the office and more in the home with technologies such as Alexa and other products learning our schedules and sending out reminders and other things of that nature.

Betsy Lewis Isn’t Looking Forward to 2018


Betsy Lewis is a self-proclaimed world-renowned psychic that predicted Donald Trump’s rise to the presidency back in April 2016. Now, she has some predictions for the 2018 year which are that 2018 will be a difficult time for the United States and Trump, there will be more mass shootings, that we will begin to build round homes to resist the elements, Prince Harry will be wed, there will be UFO sightings, there will be a recession, extreme weather with floods, storms and possibly New York and Japan being destroyed by earthquakes. Obviously, Betsy isn’t looking on the bright side either so we better buckle up for the new year!

Increased Face-To-Face Interactions


Over the past few years, we have seen a decrease in face-to-face interaction because the internet and other technologies allow for easy communication without any human contact necessary. However, Kelly Josberger co-creator and co-owner of Stumpy’s Hatchet House believes that in 2018, we will see more emphasis on human interaction. It has been proven time and time again that human relationships and social interactions are key components to building successful companies, so businesses will try to increase these interactions more than in the past in order increase morale and trust.

Lisa Paron’s Less Scary Predictions


Canadian astrologer Lisa Paron also has some of her own predictions about the future of Canada and the world in 2018. In Canada, she believes that marijuana will be legalized after a slow and lengthy process and that it will lead to a nasty, possibly violent debate. She also predicts that Kate Middleton will give birth to a boy and that Charles will be his name. Also, Prince Harry and Megan Markle will not get married after all, but if they do wed they will end up separating in five years. Lisa Paron is a nice breath of fresh air from the doom and gloom predictions that we have been hearing and we wouldn’t mind these predictions coming true.

Say goodbye to signing a receipt in 2018!

No More Signing A Receipt


According to, in 2018, we will see the disappearance of needing to sign a receipt after using your credit card. Mastercard has already made this jump and Discover and American Express have both announced their plan to eliminate this process by 2018. As we know, if three credit card companies are already doing it, it’s only a matter of time until the rest follow. Considering the technology we have at our fingertips, and the rate we expect things to be done, it’s amazing that we still even have to put pen to paper anymore, but it looks like we won’t, come 2018.

Conversational Technology Will Greatly Improve


Although just about every one of our smart devices have the ability for voice technology whether it be Siri, Alexa, or even your car, it’s no secret that it’s not as good as it could be. People are always yelling at their devices in frustration or proofreading texts that they spoke into their phone. However, Forbes predicts that this uncertainty to rely on such technology in 2018 will be a thing of the past, and that conversational technology will finally begin to flourish. They believe that we have only scratched the surface of this technology and it will only become more advanced by recognizing our speech patterns, emotions, and so on which will greatly help with the production of artificial intelligence technology.

Sylvia Browne’s Alien Prediction and More


Psychic and author Sylvia Browne had some very specific predictions for what is going to occur in 2018. However, unlike some of the previous predictions that we have heard, hers are mostly focused on aliens. She claims that in 2018 aliens that are already on earth are going to come forward and reveal themselves. She notes that they will be highly respected members in the field in organizations such as the UN, NATO, Scotland Yard, NASA, and that one of them will be a Nobel Prize winner. She says we will greet their disclosure with disbelief and anger and that they will be quarantined in Western Europe where we will run tests on them. So, if you are thinking about exposing yourself as an alien in 2018, you might want to think again!

Data-Driven Machines


In 2018, it has been assumed that with the growth of data being produced by the Internet, products, companies, and businesses will become more reliant on data-driven artificial intelligence. As describes by Forbes magazine, “AI isn’t just nice-to-have in 2018; it’s a must-have, showing that our reliance on such technology and that with so much data coming in every second, it’s the only way we will be able to keep up because no amount of humans can handle that amount of information anymore. It is also predicted that there will be an implementation of an insights-as-a-service in some capacity for those that don’t have an AI system in place.

Mind, Body, and Spirit


Dee Kelly, founder, and CEO of Wellness Decor believes that wellness will play an even larger role across all industries. She states that “Corporations will be investing more and focusing on their employees and launching new programs to support their mental energy as well as physical energy and optimum resilience.” We have already seen this come into play with new and “hip” companies, especially among millennials who believe that the success of their employees greatly depends on their mental and physical status. We can already see more in-office gyms, and better benefits at jobs all promoting healthy lifestyles.

Lyndsay Edwards is a Romance Prophet


Lyndsay Edwards is a psychic that predicted the engagement of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle and she’s come out with some more predictions about the year 2018. To start, she believes that Harry and Meghan are going to split up before the wedding and that Harry will end up meeting his “real” bride. Furthermore, she predicts that Donald Trump will be assassinated before he is completely overwhelmed by the Russian scandal and found out. In the entertainment industry, she states that Justin Bieber will propose to Selena Gomez in 2018, so we all have that to look forward to.

Increased Earthquakes


Time magazine has made a prediction for 2018 that there may be an increase in earthquakes around the globe. They believe this to be true because the rotation of the Earth has slowed slightly. In a new study which was presented to the Geological Society of America, geologist Roger Bilham tracked magnitude 7 or greater earthquakes sine 1900. While in most years the average was 15 quakes there have been even spaced periods in the past 117 years in which the annual total was upwards of 25 and 30. They connected these to specific periods of time when the Earth’s rotation has slowed down which is occurring at the moment. They believe that this effects the geology of the Earth which leads to more earthquakes which we can expect in 2018.

Email Personalization


Surely, we’ve all received emails from that have been personalized for us from marketers based on our past search histories, purchases, or created profiles. However, Alex Williams, the Creative Director at Trendline Interactive believes that in 2018 “Email personalization will shift heavily towards ‘what’s next’ instead of ‘what was’. This is the idea of what Spotify and Netflix do with their Discover Weekly page and Netflix Recommendations. People like recommendations for the future so they have something new to experience and look forward to instead of being reminded of what they’ve already done, which Williams sees happening in the next year.

Is Nostradamus Still Relevant in 2018?


If you don’t already know who Nostradamus is, he was a French physician in the 16th century who claimed to be able to see into the future and is best known for his book Les Propheties. Believe it or not, he had some things to say about 2018 as well. Apparently, in 2018, the dead will rise from their graves and Earth will face changes between nations, there will be an eruption of Mount Vesuvius, a large earthquake in the West, there will be a big war, and the list goes on and on about all the terrible things that he expected to happen. Although most of his prophecies are known to be bad translations and misrepresentations, some believe he is one of the most accurate prophets in history.