Here’s What You Have To Worry About During A Government Shutdown

The phrase government shutdown seems like something out of a post-apocalyptic movie. How can the United States government just shut down when so many services, operations, and people depend on it? Well, all it takes is one disagreement during an annual meeting for the government to be put on hold until a compromise is made. See what a government shutdown means and the effects it has on government agencies and the citizens of the United States.

What Is A Government Shutdown?

Photo Credits: Spencer Platt/Getty Images
Photo Credits: Spencer Platt/Getty Images

Every year, the United States Congress comes together to decide a budget for the funding of government operations and agencies. If Congress fails to agree on a budget for that upcoming fiscal year, a shutdown takes place.

The shutdown means that numerous government services stop except for a few that are considered to be essential to the safety of the public. During this time, nearly 40% of government employees are on unpaid leave and not allowed to come into work. A shutdown will continue until Congress reaches a consensus on the budget. At that point, employees furloughed will be able to go back to work, and things will go back to normal, for the most part.