People Did Very Weird Things Before Modern Inventions Came Along

Let us paint a scene for you. You’re a young child about to go to bed. Your mother asks, “did you remember to brush your teeth?” Of course you didn’t! You go to the bathroom and stare at a bowl of clay shards. Hesitant, you pick some up and begin scraping your teeth clean, wishing there was a softer brush type thing you could use to make it less painful. The torture people had to put themselves through before modern technology will make you feel spoiled. You won’t believe what people had to resort to before toilet paper!

Computers Were People, Literally



Before computers were invented there was still a way to solve your problems without putting any work in. You would hire someone to think for you. Some people still do that today, but we’re talking about a different kind of problem-solving.

If you were a wealthy astronomer or mathematician, for example, you would hire people to write down your equations and fill out your charts. These fast thinking geniuses would be hired in massive teams and take shifts to avoid burning out. They were so smart, they even calculated the movement of Halley’s Comet. Try doing that today without a computer!