Find Out Why These Celebrity Talk Shows Flopped

These days, it seems like any celebrity can get their own talk show if they wish. With so many competitors, celebrities have their work cut out for them if they want to avoid being canceled. From lack of audience appeal to behind-the-scene tensions, here’s why these celebrity talk shows got the boot.

Critics Didn’t Approve Of Brand X With Russell Brand

Russell Brand is known for being a standout character, but not everyone is a fan of the eccentric comedian. In 2012, the actor brought his candid commentary to the world of late-night television with his series Brand X with Russell Brand.

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FX was the brave network that decided to take a chance on Brand, but they later canceled the show due to poor reviews. The Daily Mail condemned Brand’s “tasteless jokes,” while the Los Angeles Times noted that not even the live audience seemed amused. Brand X survived two seasons before getting the boot.