Would You Believe These “Get Smart” Factoids?!

This Femme Fatale Saved Them All


Barbara Feldon is best known as Agent 99 on the series, and she was nominated for two Emmy Awards in the category of Outstanding Lead Actress in a Comedy Series. Despite being known as the svelte bombshell partner to Agent 86, she surprisingly never wore high heels on the show. Feldon told Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, “I am so much taller than him. He was so surprised the first day. He never met me before they did the pilot and they cast me. So when I walked in on the first day and I was taller than Don, it wasn’t good news. I can barely watch the first year [of the show] because I’m slouching so much.”

After an appearance in the 2006 film The Last Request, she retired from acting full time, but she’ll make an occasional appearance in off-Broadway plays.