Unusual Reasons Why Films And TV Shows Were Canceled

At times, our favorite television shows disappear from the air, with no clear answer as to why. While typically, the reasons are obvious such as the show is concluded or it was a bad show, to begin with, that’s not always the case. Sometimes, programs end prematurely for reasons that nobody would believe– such as having the set accidentally bulldozed to the ground, or networks thinking jokes were too fast for audiences to catch. These are the shows that were canceled for bizarre reasons.

The Batman Set Was Literally Crushed

Unsurprisingly, the 1966 television series Batman was a major hit, which appealed to both children and adult viewers. At one point, it became so popular that it had two episodes a week and was on the top 10 most-watched list for the 1965-66 television season.

Picture of Batman and Robin

Although the series was on air for two years, ABC decided to end the show halfway through the third season due to production costs. While producers hoped a new network picked up the show, NBC did. Then, unbelievably, the set was accidentally bulldozed before NBC could take over, killing the show entirely.