Critics Say These Are The Worst TV Shows Of The New Millenium

Have you ever witnessed the excitement surrounding a new television show, but months later no one was talking about it as if it never existed? That’s what happens when a show is so bad, that networks pull the plug on it mid-season. While there are shows that are panned by critics but have been loved by fans enough to survive a few more seasons, most terrible TV shows never see the light of day after a few episodes. Here is a list of the worst-rated television shows according to critics since the year 2000. 2005’s flop went for the shock factor but only succeeded in being shockingly bad.

2000: Tucker

NBC’s Tucker premiered in 2000 and barely lasted a month on the air. When his parents get divorced, 14-year-old Tucker and his mother are forced to move into his Aunt Claire’s house and what ensues is supposed to be a hilarious take on a boy grappling with an unfavorable environment change while he wrestles with the pangs of puberty.


Television critics agreed that Tucker is a cross between Malcolm in the Middle and The Wonder Years, but it tries too hard to be either of them. Variety wrote, “[Somewhere] along the way, ‘Tucker’ needs to find a source of unpredictability to emerge as anything but a forced and derivative effort.”