Interesting Behind The Scenes Facts Of Parking Wars

First airing on A&E in 2008 and concluding in 2012, Parking Wars follows the daily lives of parking enforcement as they ticket, boot, and tow parking violators vehicles. The secret to the show’ success, however, was watching the enforcers interact with disgruntled and sometimes violent offenders on the street.

While some viewers found the premise incredibly entertaining, there’s no doubt that it had its fair share of controversy. Take a look behind the scenes of Parking Wars to learn inside information on the series’ creation, filming, and how it became problematic.

It’s Rumored That Many Of The “Confrontations” Are Scripted

Parking Wars/Facbook
Parking Wars/Facbook

Like numerous other reality television series, Parking Wars has been suspected of orchestrating many of the aggressive interactions between the parking authorities and disgruntled citizens. Obviously, this is to help increase the drama on the show, and while many viewers are willing to look past it, some are not.

However, while some editing may have occurred for the sake of entertainment, there hasn’t been any proof that any of the situations were set up. Surely, enough people get parking tickets and have their cars towed on a daily basis that they wouldn’t need to stage anything.