Celebrity Reunion Selfies That Will Send You Back To A Better Time

It seemed like 2017 was the year that the world tried to reboot anything we could. Full House, Will & Grace, and even Roseanne made it back on the airwaves. While not all our favorite TV shows, movies, and bands are going to make a comeback, in the meantime, we have Instagram to fuel the fire.

These selfies made us all nostalgic and reminded us of the good old days of quality TV sitcoms, racy teenage romcoms, and the some of the best movies of all time. One reunion even sparked a re-make of a famous kiss. The only thing that can break the internet faster than Kim K. is a cast reunion selfie.

The Fresh Prince Cast Chilling Out, Maxing, Relaxing All Cool

fresh prince of bel air reunion.jpg

Photo credit: Will Smith/Facebook

It seems like every year there is a new rumor about a Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air reboot, but Will Smith has always been outspoken against it. But just because the cast isn’t together on screen doesn’t mean that they won’t get together for a selfie. The cast shared lunch together, but the stars all spoke out about missing James Avery, who played Uncle Phil and passed away in 2013.

Smith may have denied doing a reboot, but the rumor mill started up in February when talks about a “Fresh Princess” of Bel-Air began.