A Rare Look Inside Prince Charles’ Home Had Viewers Confused

Although it’s common to see photographs of the British royal family making official appearances around the world, it’s rare that the public gets a chance to see inside of their homes. In 2020, Prince Charles sat at his desk at his holiday home in Birkhall for a video broadcast. Viewers paid close attention as they were given a unique glimpse into Charles’ home life. Afterward, conversation stirred about what was displayed in the background on the Prince’s piano.

Prince Charles Announced The Opening Of A New Hospital

YouTube/British Royal Family
YouTube/British Royal Family

Workplaces, schools, and news stations have made major adjustments in 2020 that often include communicating by video, from home. The British royal family is no different.

Prince Charles became the first royal family member to announce the opening of a new hospital via video broadcast. Charles set-up the call from his desk at his Birkhall residence on the Balmoral estate. The Prince and his wife Camilla typically use the residence as their summer vacation home and viewers were thrilled to catch a glimpse inside.