Real Hotels From Your Favorite Films That You Can Actually Visit

How many times have you watched a movie only to think, “I really want to go there?” Whether you’re watching The Hangover or The Shining, a lot of the hotels you see in movies are real and waiting for you to book a room. Why haven’t you yet? If you’re worried about how much these famous locales will cost, let’s put those worries to bed right now. You’ll be able to afford some of, if not all, the hotelson this list. Which will you choose?

The Plaza Hotel Should Have A Star On The Walk Of Fame

The Plaza Hotel Should Have A Star On The Walk Of Fame

Photo Credit: Noam Galai/WireImage via Getty Images

Located in New York, the Plaza Hotel has been featured in more films than you can imagine. Some of its most famous appearances are in Sleepless in Seattle, Home Alone 2, Crocodile Dundee, and Almost Famous. It’s also found its way into famous books like the Eloise series and The Princess Diaries.

If you’re looking to book a room for a night, be prepared to treat yourself! Staying at the Plaza Hotel won’t break the bank, but with an average cost of $400 a night it might feel that way. Considering the building’s location and history, though, that price feels like a steal to us!

The Chateau Marmont Snuck Its Way Into La La Land

The Chateau Marmont Snuck Its Way Into La La Land

Photo Credit AaronP/Bauer-Griffin/GC Images via Getty Images

At the end of La La Land, the world famous Chateau Marmont makes a cameo. If you’re looking to book the perfect trip to Los Angeles, make sure you spend a night here; it will only cost you around $360. For one night it’s okay to treat yourself, especially on vacation!

Plus, if you loved La La Land as much as everyone else, there’s no excuse not to book a room there. The movie grossed $151 million and was nominated for a record 14 Academy Awards! Next up we’d like you to say hello to our little friend.

The Hotel From Scarface Is A Nationally Registered Historic Place

The Hotel From Scarface Is A Nationally Registered Historic Place

Photo Credit: Archive Photos/Getty Images

In 2008, Miami’s Fontainebleau Hotel was placed on the U.S. National Register of Historic Places. The historic property was featured in Scarface during one of the film’s most iconic moments: the pool scene.

In the scene, Tony Montana and Manny sit poolside at the hotel discussing “what girls like.” Are you interested in re-enacting the scene with friends? You’ll have to pay around $300 a night. And if Scarface isn’t your thing, the hotel was also featured in Goldfinger, The Bellboy, and The Bodyguard.

The Hotel From The Shining Doesn’t Have A Hedge Maze

The Hotel From The Shining Doesn’t Have A Hedge Maze

Photo Credit: Greg Vaughn /VW PICS/UIG via Getty Images

For a cool $200 a night, you can stay at the Overlook Hotel from The Shining. When you’re booking your room make sure you look for the Timberline Lodge. That’s the real name of the hotel used in the film. You see it in all its glory with aerial and exterior shots.

If you’re visiting just to get lost in the world’s creepiest hedge maze, you might want to do more research first. The movie might end in the maze, but the actual hotel doesn’t have one. At all. Sorry to crush your vacation dreams. Ahead, which hotel do you want to be hungover at?

The Bellagio Is Like Hollywood In Las Vegas

The Bellagio Is Like Hollywood In Las Vegas

Photo Credit: George Rose/Getty Images

You don’t need to be a movie fan to want to go to Las Vegas. Still, if you want to stay at the hotel that’s been featured in the most films, you’ll want to stay at the Bellagio. Featured both The Hangover and Ocean’s Eleven, the hotel offers the perfect experience for fans of all genres.

If you do go, we suggest not trying to recreate The Hangover. The movie might be hilarious, but it’s also not very realistic. The fact that they all survived their shenanigans baffles us. We also don’t recommend trying to rob a casino. You’re not George Clooney.

Ex Machina‘s Hotel Is One With Nature

ex machina.jpg

Photo Credit: A24

A lesser-seen movie, Ex Machina takes place in one of the prettiest hotels we’ve seen. Located in nature, the Juvet Landscape Hotel is nestled in the beautiful greenery of Norway. Amazingly, you won’t pay extra for your scenic stay. One night costs less than $200.

When the filmmakers were looking for a place to act as Nathan Bateman’s Alaskan headquarters, they waited until they found the perfect location. The search took months but was worth it according to production designer Mark Digby. “We wanted it to be among nature, we wanted it to be stunning, and we wanted it to be exclusive.”

Drug Deals Don’t Actually Happen At The Royal Eagle Hotel


Photo Credit: Miramax

Fans of Trainspotting will remember the big drug deal that’s settled between Sick Boy, Renton, Spud, and Begbie at the Royal Eagle Hotel. The film has become a cult classic since being released in 1996. The Royal Eagle Hotel makes its residence in London, and drug deals like the one in the movie don’t actually happen there.

A night in this cult location costs less $100 for a night. Bonus: it’s just a quick walk to Paddington Train Station, making it accessible for people who want to see the city. This is easily one of the best deals on our list.

Next up: a hotel from a Patrick Swayze film. Hint: it’s not Road House.

The Mountain Lake Hotel Will Let You Re-enact Your Favorite Dirty Dancing Scenes

mountain lake hotel.jpg

Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

If Dirty Dancing is one of your favorite films, you’ll need to travel to Virginia to stay at the Mountain Lake Hotel. While the film takes place in upstate New York, the hotel they used to film its most iconic scenes isn’t located there. Named “Kellerman’s Resort” in the film, now you know the dirty truth.

The iconic location welcomes fans of the movie with Dirty Dancing-themed events held year round. Some of the events have been as simple as movie screenings, while others have been more creative. Our favorite is the Dirty Dancing scavenger hunt. What, exactly, are fans hunting for?

The Midnight In Paris Hotel Will Cost You An Arm And A Leg

The Midnight In Paris Hotel Will Cost You An Arm And A Leg

Photo Credit: FRED DUFOUR/AFP/Getty Images

Midnight In Paris helped revive Woody Allen’s career in 2011, even earning him his first Oscar in 25 years! The film featured a lavish room at the Le Bristol Paris Hotel. To stay in this extravagant room, you’ll have to put your paycheck on the line. One night will cost you nearly $900.

We don’t know what the other rooms cost, but it’s likely you’ll be spending your whole vacation inside if you stay in the movie’s Panoramic Suite. The good news is you’ll have a view of the hotel’s private garden.

This next hotel is a steal compared to this one, but probably comes a from a movie you’ve never seen… unless you really like lobsters.

The Lobster Takes Place At The Parknasilla Resort In Ireland


Photo Credit: A24

As if you needed an excuse to take a vacation in Ireland, the Parknasilla Resort is cheap to stay in and was featured in The Lobster. The dark comedy takes place entirely at the hotel, where guests who haven’t found love are given 45 days to meet a partner. If they fail, they get turned into an animal.

The main character, played by Colin Farrell, chooses to be a lobster if he can’t find a mate. What animal would you want to be? A stay at the Parknasilla Resort costs less than $100 a night. Just make sure you find love before it’s too late!