These Fearless People Risked Their Lives For Death-Defying Selfies

What are you willing to do to secure the most likes on your social media account? Some people make fun of others, injuries are faked, and in some cases, you’ll see staged threats. Then you have the fearless daredevils of the group. By daredevils, we don’t mean masked crime-fighters. We’re talking about those who will literally hang on to the tallest building in their city with one hand just to get the perfect picture. Caution: these pictures may cause sweaty palms, anxiety, or in the best of cases, a surge of inspiration.

Handstand Over It All

This picture was taken in Yosemite at Taft Point. It’s nearly impossible not to notice the beautiful scenery. You also can’t help but feel worried for the gentleman pulling a handstand off on the edge of Taft Point. That’s courage and upper body strength!

The highest point is 7,503 feet, and he’s doing this like it’s nothing. Like we mentioned in the introduction, what are you willing to do to get likes?