Scary Selfie: Hoax Or Terrifying Evidence Of The Supernatural?

The debate over the existence of ghosts and other spooky apparitions has gone on for hundreds of years. If you go back far enough in history, there isn’t a single civilization that doesn’t have legends and myths about spirits in one form or another.


However, those who are skeptical have plenty of reasons to be. With modern technology, it’s difficult to trust the authenticity of videos, and especially photography. Which brings us to the alleged haunted Rizal High School in Pasig, Philippines.

The School

Rizal High School was completely destroyed by American bombs during World War II, but was later rebuilt and is now much larger than before. Since the rebuilding of the school, there have been numerous reports of supernatural activity throughout the decades.

Sounds like the plot to a movie, doesn’t it?

Ghost Activity

Reports of ghost activity have dramatically increased at the school since the 1980s, with supernatural incidents seemingly becoming a normal occurrence. Given the school’s history, it’s no surprise that the recent viral mystery would originate here.

The skeptics are probably already deep into their head-shaking. How many viral stories of UFOs, Bigfoot, and other mysteries have been debunked after careful examination? Trust me, I understand your skepticism, but give it a chance and examine the evidence for yourself.


Ok, Skeptics, What Do You Think?

Those who are eager to believe are probably ready to post the link to this article as their Facebook status and tweet it out to all of their followers. While both of those actions are encouraged, you should also wait to get the full story before hitting that “share” button. While it’s impossible to completely discount the existence of ghosts and other supernatural beings, there hasn’t ever been enough evidence to actual confirm their existence, either. Everyone wants to become a viral sensation, so why would the students at Rizal High School be any different?

Think about it. What better way to go viral than to Photoshop a picture of a ghost into a picture? Especially, when your school is already known as a beacon for supernatural and unexplained happenings? You see that figure hiding behind that blue container? That is the alleged apparition which has taken the internet by storm. Is it real or fake? That is the question everyone wants the answer to and who can blame them?

Potential Explanations

There are several potential explanations for the photo. Is it possible that we’re just seeing a fellow student hiding in the photo? Could it be someone wearing a costume, pulling a prank, or just simply photo-bombing? Those are all pretty likely scenarios, especially when considering high school students are the subject of this creepy story.

Could it possibly be some sort of mechanical device left around by the school’s faculty? Sometimes a camera just picks up something seemingly innocent at the right angle and it looks totally different. Either way, given the school’s unique history and the immediate chill you get looking at this photo with no clear explanation for what’s hiding in that corner, it’s pretty easy to see how this went viral in the first place.

Potential Explanations

What do you think, amateur ghost hunters? Give us your best rational explanation.