Otherworldly Images: The Most Terrifying Moments Ever Caught On Camera

Sometimes it seems as though terrifying things surround us, both of the natural and supernatural variety. From strange creatures inhabiting the depths of the ocean to mythical beasts, aliens, and ghosts — this post is full of interesting and spooky images. The scariest part? These were all images caught on camera.

Hanging Ghost

This photo was purportedly taken back in the 1950s in Texas. The story goes that the Cooper family had moved into a new home. Well, new to them anyway as the house itself was apparently quite old.


The family decided to document the happy occasion with a photo but got an entirely terrifying surprise when they developed the film. When they received the photograph, it appeared that someone, or something, was hanging from the ceiling. The ghostly figure appeared quite distorted and the family could find no reason for the occurrence. Some have attempted to debunk the photograph however no solid evidence has ever been uncovered to fully disprove or prove its authenticity.