Mother Of Two Disappeared Eight Years Ago, And The Case Is Still Wide Open

In today’s world, it’s hard to be too careful. Parents warn their children to be wary of strangers and we install the best security systems money can buy, but there is always this underlying fear that evil is lurking around every corner. It doesn’t happen every day, but sometimes scary urban legends turn into real-life horrors. The story of one woman from Washington that went missing eight years ago is haunting, and the case still remains unsolved after all of these years.


Nancy Moyer was a dedicated mother of two, and she was in love with life. Her friend Ericka recalls being jealous of her picture-perfect life. “I thought Nancy had it all. A great job, great husband, great kids, I was jealous,” she stated. This made her disappearance from Tenino, Washington in 2009 even more bizarre. Why would a loving mother of two suddenly vanish completely? The details led authorities to believe something terribly wrong happened to this 36-year-old woman.

Nancy was last seen leaving her workplace on March 9, 2009. Nothing seemed out of the ordinary. She had spent over 10 years at the Washington State Department of Ecology working as a financial analyst. On March 9th she gave a co-worker a ride home from work, stopped by the store to buy a few things, and drove home. She was never to be seen again.


It wasn’t until three days later that her estranged husband Bill discovered her missing when he tried to drop their two daughters off at her home. The scene was unsettling at best. Bill found the front door wide open, a half glass of wine still sitting on the coffee table, and the television on. Nancy’s car was still in the driveway, but she was nowhere to be found.

She had left her keys, wallet, and purse behind. It was an eerie sight, and Sergeant Cameron Simper of Thurston County Sheriff’s Office told Dateline “something had happened, we know that.”

It was a matter of figuring out who was responsible for Nancy’s abrupt disappearance. Fingers were at first pointed at her estranged husband Bill, but they had separated on good terms and maintained a friendship because of their two children. She had not talked about any new love interests or boyfriends that could have been involved.

There was no sign of a struggle or forced entry, but there is little to go on otherwise. Thurston County Police are not giving up on the case, and they are still working to find out what happened to Nancy Moyer that day.


Eight years later, there is still little known about the disappearance of this mother of two, but her childhood friend Erika Kennedy-Plogmann hopes this year will bring closure to this tragic case. She told Dateline that she hopes “whoever did this faces justice.” There is a chance that Nancy Moyer is still alive, but the lack of activity on her credit cards and social security number suggests otherwise.