Marco Archer and Rodrigo Case: The Last Years Of The Brazilians’ Lives

The profile of foreigners arrested while visiting Indonesia is almost always the same. Surfers who see a crime as a chance to stay in Bali, living a fantasy life, catching waves, going to parties and meeting beautiful women. “They live in a fantasy bubble that does not allow them to see the risk of what they do,” said an Australian journalist.

They Lived In A Fantasy World

However, with the approval of the population, very hard laws rebuke the offenders and, if the penalty is the capital, the chance to escape is minimal. People know about the risks, but like any investment, the higher the risk, the higher the profit.

Foto: Reprodução/Web
Foto: Reprodução/Web

The problem in this case is that if it does not work, the price to pay is too high. Follow in the next slides the case of two Brazilians who bet high and ended up losing