Parents That Are So Extra They Might As Well Be Guac

Some of us are extremely extra. Everything we do, we do it big and are aggressively annoying about it. Whether it’s excessively yelling in an argument, or throwing a surprise birthday party for your cat — over-exaggerating and crossing the line just run in our blood. Literally.

For most, this “extra-ness” comes from somewhere, and it’s usually our parents. Growing up and watching your parents over-do everything just engrains the mindset and we automatically have to be extra by association. Here’s a list of some of the most extra parents, being, well, themselves.

Take A Picture Or Else You Won’t See The Light Of Day

Having an outfit that’s on fleek and wanting to show it off isn’t just a millennial thing. Is your outfit even nice if you don’t get the satisfaction and dopamine hit that comes from at least 11 likes and 4 comments on Facebook? The answer is no. You might as well have worn sweatpants and a hoodie.