Funny Shower Curtains That Somehow Were Created But We Couldn’t Be Happier About It

Shower curtains are like the open canvas of your bathroom. It protects your privacy while also acting as the border to sane thoughts. Let’s be honest, the most bizarre thinking happens when you’re being enclosed by your shower curtains and staring blankly at your tiles while water runs down you.

A good curtain can make or break your experience in the shower, so it’s important to spend the time to attain a good one. Customizing your curtain to enhance your experience is becoming much more popular and they are becoming very creative. This is a list of some of the most original and hilarious shower curtains to date.

Coming up, if you didn’t think you could be terrified by a shower curtain then you haven’t seen what’s just ahead.

Hulking out

Hulk And Spiderman.jpg

If I walk into a public washroom and see the Hulk and Spiderman at the urinals there’s only going to be two ways to react: pass out or run for your life. The latter is more than likely what will happen and the screeches coming from my mouth would be absurd. This is an amazing curtain that involves both fandom and hilarity.

Murder Scene

Bllood Curtain.jpg

Whoever has this in their bathroom deserves to step on a stray piece of lego and severely injure themselves. This is mortifying and looks to be straight out of a horror movie that no one wants to be a part of. One thing that stood out to me though — why did the victim with the bloody hands decide they needed to put hand prints everywhere? You’re dying, stop playing patty-cake with the hand towels.

Elephant Doo-Doo

Elephant Toilet.jpg

That is one strong toilet. Unless you’ve been living under a rock for your entire life, you should be aware that elephants usually don’t use toilets unless it’s an emergency. Like for example, this elephant was fed a bowl of milk and (like the rest of us) can’t really digest milk all that well which ultimately results in some nasty results. A toilet was needed.

Want to know what a live stream shower curtain looks like? Are you confused about what that even is? Stay tuned.

Sloth Stripper

Stripper Sloth Curtian.jpg

The slowest stripper award goes to this sloth who is making mad bank. It’s no surprise that sloths are inherently lazy animals and rarely work for their money. This sloth, on the other hand, is an accountant by day and works at the gentlemen’s club by night. A multi-dimensional sloth, if you will.

Freddy Vs Jason

Creepy Shadow Curtain.jpg

Studies show that one in every four people enter their bathroom and look behind the shower curtain before they do anything. That study is fake, but what isn’t fake is the fact that Freddy Kreuger could be waiting in your shower (there’s a 0.00000000000000000001% chance, but there’s still a chance). This shower curtain plays on that fear by giving anyone who walks into that bathroom a scare.

Rated R

Bathtub Curtain.jpg

This is one of the most creative shower curtains on the list because it’s relevant and funny. Everyone feels the need to live stream their mundane lives to the internet and it’s getting ridiculous. No, we don’t want to see a vlog of how you went to the park and *almost* dropped your ice cream cone but didn’t and that was the climax of your day. Boring. Move along.

Are you a fan of Jeff Goldblum? Oh, who am I kidding, of course you are. Trust me, you won’t want to miss what’s coming up.

Splish Splash

Splashing Curtain.jpg

Nigel Thornberry from the show The Wild Thornberry’s has made a splash in the shower curtain industry. Perhaps the most incredible thing about this curtain is that he has two little shower caps on the ends of his mustache which for the most part go unnoticed. I’ll never understand why Nigel Thornberry was ever a thing to begin with.

Urban Dictionary

Hot Shower Curtain.jpg

This is the cockiest shower curtain but it’s fairly respectable. This is what some would call “fake news” because, contrary to this guy’s belief, this isn’t the Miriam-Webster definition. This could be taken a few ways, but the one he’s probably talking about is that he’s more warm blooded than a normal person.

Anything Jeff Goldblum Is A Yes

Jeff Goldblum Shower Curtain.jpg

For any of you who are unaware of who Jeff Goldblum is, you need to Google it. He has too many credentials to just spew out in the blurb about his shower curtain, but basically, he’s a God. He’s the face you should want to see right before you go to bed, and the face you should want to see right when you wake up. It’s freaking Jeff Goldblum!

Are cats the worst pets in the entire universe? Yes, or yes? Yes? I know. You won’t want to miss this curtain just ahead.

Transparency Is Key

Clear Shower Curtain.jpg

The key to any relationship is being open and honest with each other about the small details. Having a see-through shower curtain is a big decision, but it’s one that has to be made with both parties involved. This is a shower curtain for anyone with above-average confidence and someone who doesn’t really care about privacy.

Knowledge Is Power

Books Curtain.jpg

Now that the internet has literally taken over our entire world, books are getting thrown to the wayside and becoming a foreign medium. The only people who still read books anymore are the people who are writing them, unfortunately. Long are the days when anyone has the attention span to read 1000 pages of small print. There’s a reason this article is in a list, you know.

Getting Catty

Cat Night Curtain.jpg

This cat is cute, but it’s probably got a darker soul than its eyes. This cat just ate the three blind mice whole and felt no remorse and has only been told how cute it is. Just because this cat has a scenic background doesn’t mean that all of its conniving actions that it partook in are just abolished. Never forget the three blind mice.

Want to see the most impatient shower curtain ever invented? That’s coming up.

He-Man Curtain

Smile Curtain.jpg

This is the face you make when you stole the basketball from the kindergarteners at recess and they came back to retaliate with sticks but got caught by the teacher. This is the face you make when you’re talking to someone who could get you a job down the road and they start cracking unfunny jokes but you have to laugh anyway.

Functional Cat

Cat With toothpaste curtain.jpg

Wouldn’t it be amazing if cats could be functional living things instead of just lazy beings that plot the death of their owners? What if cats could actually brush their own teeth and smile instead of swat at the face of any animal that gets near it? Sincere apologies to anyone who likes cats, but you’re wrong for doing so.

Tick Tock

Hurry Up Curtain.jpg

According to a fake statistic, most Americans on average take about 20-minute showers. What do you do in the shower for 20 minutes? You can literally cook Kraft Dinner 15 times over in that time span. You can change a baby’s diaper, allow it to digest an entirely new meal and poop it out again in that time. Hurry UP.

Sometimes you need your shower curtain to talk dirty to you. This one does, just ahead.

Deadly Curtain

Hipp Crtain.jpg

Most people are unaware that hippos are actually one of the most dangerous animals on the planet. I know what you’re thinking, “no way, it’s got to be a crocodile.” Well, you’re severely wrong. In fact, a hippo can basically eat a crocodile as easily as humans eat a kernel of popcorn.

Existential Thinking

Toilet Talks.jpg

Let’s be honest — some of the deepest thoughts you’ll ever have in your life come when you’re on the toilet. It’s a time for reflection and dreaming that can be done literally nowhere else. After you get done staring blankly at the towels that are hanging on the wall in front of you it’s time to start the inner monologue. Facebook was thought up on a toilet, I think, maybe.

To The Point

Get Naked Curtain.jpg

Sometimes you need the shower curtain to also double as the instruction manual to use it. Specifically, some Saturday nights after a night out can be dismantling mentally with no thanks to tequila. That’s why it’s important to have messages like this one to help remind you why you’re in the bathroom and the first steps to showering.

A Superhero You Can Get Behind


This shower curtain is the dad jokes of all dad jokes. Bathman sounds cool and all, but why is his body just a straight up rectangle with sticks? Bathman should be ripped out of his mind whilst wielding that towel in a more powerful fashion. Instead, he looks like he skipped leg day every week.

New Favorite Animal


Name a more iconic hybrid I dare you. If you said a “Ligar” because you’re a die-hard Napoleon Dynamite fan, you’re wrong. The Beer has a more appealing name (obviously because it’s beer) and it’s also more of a dominant animal in general. Look, face the two off against each other and expect fireworks, but know that the Beer is going to maul the Ligar without a second thought.

For The Cage Fans


Photo Credits: Olechka

How could you not laugh at this curtain before every shower? This iconic Nicolas Cage face plastered on the curtain almost looks like he will be looking at you while you shower. You can’t hide from it you just have to accept it.

Did You Really?

Unique Shower Curtains  Pinterest.jpg

Unique Shower Curtains / Pinterest

Well, now whenever someone enters this bathroom they will have an image of the last person who left pooping. The owner of this curtain must be a real jokester. Informing everyone that they went number two. Grow up, kid. No one wants to know all of your business like that.

Don’t Test Her!


Unique Shower Curtains / Pinterest

If there’s one thing that women hate then it’s leaving the toilet seat up. Men, you must practice placing that darn seat down after every visit to the bathroom. You don’t want to end up like this guy about to get stabbed in the chest, do you?

The Greatest Question



Did you have a lot to drink today? Are you really in need of relieving yourself or do you just like taking long trips to the bathroom? If your main purpose was to pee once you get to the bathroom then this shouldn’t be a question. Don’t waste your energy, my friend.

That’s Some Strength


Unique Shower Curtains / Pinterest

That must be an X-Man we’re seeing. But lifting an entire elephant is what makes this shower curtain funny. Walking in and seeing this for the first time is sure to bring a smile on someone’s face. One human carrying an elephant over their head is a priceless sight.

Don’t Do It


Unique Shower Curtains / Pinterest

Apparently, this person does not anyone to urinate in their bathroom. Isn’t that what they’re for? So when you walk in here you have two options. You can either obey the shower curtain or you can be a rebel and use the restroom like you supposed to.

The Social Curtain

Cascade Coil.jpg

Cascade Coil / Pinterest

Social media is taking over and not just on our smartphones. This parody or mock-up of a potential social curtain is outrageous. Why would the shower head be tagging you in a photo? Or rather, how can it tag you? This is the future we live in.

Heads Up!

unique thingg.jpg

Unique Shower Curtains / Pinterest

And this is why you need to keep the toilet seat down. Okay maybe not but this is still pretty funny. Either she accidentally fell in or someone decided to give this unassuming woman a swirlie in her heels. Neither of those options are nice when it happens to you but this isn’t you.

Woah There, Curtain

Sarcastic me.jpg

Sarcastic me / Pinterest

As true as this may be, does this mean this shower head plays both sides? Men and women both take showers so this is one frisky shower head. And to the readers at home, if you can’t identify with this at least a little bit then more power to you.

Where Is The Lie


Sarcastic me / Pinterest

Sir Mix A Lot once said, “I like big butts and I cannot lie.” This has been true for decades now. If a person is willing to admit to you that they like large behinds then you can bet they’ll be honest with you about other topics as well.

Can You Find Them?


Unique Shower Curtains / Pinterest

While you’re using the restroom you have the option of finding the words on this curtain. How thoughtful of the owner to get this? Because everyone wants to find “luffa” while moving their bowels. But to each their own. It would have been a little better if the words were more obscure.

Are You Being Serious Or…?


Sarcastic me / Pinterest

Sarcasm, we all use it. Even when we don’t think we’re using it, we more than likely are. This curtain is for all of those people who claim sarcasm is their second language. Be bold and purchase this if you will. Show how sarcastic you are.

The Most Extreme Shower Curtain



If you’re someone who loves action, this shower curtain is for you. The only thing scarier than encountering a bear is encountering a shark, and here you have them both. This curtain screams intensity and is definitely not for the faint of heart.

Family Guy Fans, Rejoice

Patricia Blanco.jpg

Patricia Blanco / Pinterest

If you watch Family Guy then you know who this is. This is the maid that comes over every couple of episodes and doesn’t speak any English. Whenever she’s asked for something, her response is what the print says under her. She still gets her job duties done.

Look Who Is Waiting

unique thingg to.jpg

Unique Shower Curtains / Pinterest

This has to be someone’s worst nightmare. To go use the restroom and have a rat waiting at the bottom of the bowl. The rat might get hungry and come up for a quick bite! If you ever find a rat in your toilet like this you might need to move.

Makes Sense


Sarcastic me / Pinterest

We all become Grammy award-winning singers when it is time to take a shower. Our best vocals are put on display and everything just sounds better thanks to the acoustics of the bathroom. Not knowing the words doesn’t halt any person. Keep on singing and don’t let the lyrics stop you.

A Bit Terrifying

Leryse Matheisl.jpg

Leryse Matheisl / Pinterest

This one is funny for whoever has to encounter it. The person who thought of this shower curtain didn’t hold back. They also obviously don’t care who can see them when they’re scrubbing up. A little bit genius with a hint of insane is what we see here.

Losing The Cover

Megan Lamasney.jpg

Megan Lamasney / Pinterest

A Banana has to do what a banana has to do. Although, we aren’t sure if this banana knows that now it is much easier to be eaten without the peel. It looks happy to be exploring life with the peel but how long will it last?

This Is A Must

Gabrielle Furr.jpg

Gabrielle Furr / Pinterest

For all of those people who still get paranoid when showering alone, this one is for you. Everyone knows that it’s significantly harder to fend off a murderer while you are using the restroom. That’s why you must check first before putting yourself in any type of danger.

The Showering Raptor

Clara Wiersma.jpg

Clara Wiersma / Pinterest

Who doesn’t love a showering dinosaur? This isn’t your goofy looking one like from the Flintstones this is a real raptor. That means you had better wait your turn or offer to help wash it’s back. You never know what this thing is capable of.