This Miss Universe Contestant Gave The Perfect Response During The Competition

When beauty pageants began, they were designed to rank women on their physical attributes. As the years passed, however, they started to become more modernized with separate competitions that test talent, personality, and intelligence.

In 2019, there was a Miss Universe contestant named Zozibini Tunzi who proved there was more to the competition than her outward appearance by giving an educated response to a rather difficult question. Her answer was so powerful that she was awarded the title of Miss Universe 2019.

Understanding Beauty Pageants

three women holding trophies after competing in a beauty pageant
Mladen Antonov/Getty Images
Mladen Antonov/Getty Images

Those who aren’t familiar with how beauty pageants work should know that every competition is different. Some of them put most of the focus on how competitors look, while others are more concerned with a mixture of categories including personality, swimsuits, posture, and talent.

There are competitions for all age ranges, and some children are put in pageants before they can even talk or walk. Pageant winners usually receive some kind of prize, including trophies, tiaras, sashes, scholarships, money, and more.