A Letter Found In His Daughter’s New Car Made A Dad Regret The Purchase

Kevin Duke was a proud father of a newly-licensed 16-year-old. To celebrate the occasion, he wanted to give his daughter her very first car and made sure that it was in perfect condition for her to be safe on the road. While cleaning it out, Duke made a discovery that stopped him dead in his tracks. What Duke found revealed that the wheels he just bought for his daughter were more than just a car…

A Typical Sweet Sixteen Present

sabrina duke got a car for her 16th birthday
Sabrina Duke/Facebook
Sabrina Duke/Facebook

When a kid turns 16 years old, they are finally able to get their driver’s license. As a result, many lucky kids often receive a car for their 16th birthday. Jada Duke was one of those kids.

Her father Kevin bought a used car a few weeks ahead of her birthday, checking if it ran properly and fixing it up before he gave it to her. That’s when he encountered something unexpected.