Mushroom Pickers Stumble Across Missing Doctor Who Has Been MIA For 20 Years

Over 20 years ago, in 1996, a young man vanished from his household in Seville, Spain. No one heard from him again, until a few mushroom pickers stumbled across his campsite in Italy.

What was a licensed doctor with a psychology degree who could speak multiple languages doing in a Tuscan forest? His family was worried sick, as they hadn’t heard from him in over two decades. Now was their chance to be reunited with their son. Or was it?

Don’t Judge A Book By Its Cover

Don't Judge A Book By Its Cover
Adam Smith/Pinterest
Adam Smith/Pinterest

Even though someone looks happy and successful on the outside, something else entirely can be going on in their head. For one young Spanish doctor, this couldn’t be more accurate. To his family, friends, and patients, he seemed to live a charmed life. That is, until he vanished one day without a trace.

Local authorities searched for the doctor for days only to come up empty-handed. What could possibly make a person want to pack up and disappear from society?