These Parking Lots Were Hiding Some Of The Wildest Things You’d Never Imagine

You may not think much of an ordinary parking lot, but have you ever wondered what might be resting underneath of all those parked cars? When parking lots are demolished to make way for other projects, sometimes construction workers find a little bit more than just a bunch of dirt.

From the body of a dead king to an entire palace filled with treasures, these are the most unbelievable finds underneath parking lots!

Hitler’s Bunker Was Lost For Years

Adolf Hitler began taking shelter in the Führerbunker in January of 1945. By then, of course, things weren’t looking so hot for the Nazi regime, which is ostensibly why Hitler went underground.

ullstein bild / ullstein bild via Getty Images
ullstein bild / ullstein bild via Getty Images

On May 1st of that year, Grand-Admiral Karl Donitz announced that Hitler had died in battle, but it was completely false. The truth was that Hitler had died on April 29th by ingesting cyanide and taking a bullet to his head. He died in the Führerbunker along with many other officials in his regime and their families.