Incredible Facts About One Of The Most Famous Cowboys In History: Doc Holliday

Doc Holliday is known for his near unbeatable skills when it came to Wild West fights. That’s why it may surprise you to find out that he was also a trilingual, award-winning dental surgeon who overcame a speech impediment. His skills in the classroom later transferred to gambling, which is how he ended up with such a wild reputation. All the while, Doc managed to live with tuberculosis for decades, leaving doctors dumbfounded. Find out what made Doc Holliday one of the most legendary cowboys in history.

When Doc Was A Newborn, His Father Was A Soldier

Doc was born to Alice and John Holliday in August of 1851. Before Doc’s delivery, John left to serve in the Mexican-American War and would go on to fight in the Civil War.

MPI/Getty Images
MPI/Getty Images

Doc’s family moved to Valdosta, Georgia in 1862 where they would become well-known among the residents. Alice sheltered Doc as best she could from the turbulence that the war caused nearby. Despite Doc’s later reputation, he didn’t get into fights as a child.