Disastrous Military Blunders

While there are military successes and failures, there are also military blunders. When it comes to war, there’s no room for error because often times, it’s a life and death situation. Unfortunately, errors are sometimes unavoidable. Whether mistakes, bad planning, or carelessness, military blunders have massive repercussions. Take a look at the biggest military mistakes throughout history and just how damaging they were to a military’s war effort.

Zhao Kuo Got Carried Away

In 260 BC, the Chinese state of Qin, led by Zhao Kuo was attempting to siege the fortress of Shangdang, which was being held by general Bai Qi. In an attempt to end the siege once and for all, General Zhao Kuo led an army of 450,000 men to overrun the fortress. As Bai Qi’s troops began to retreat, Zha Kuo sent his whole army after them to crush him, leaving his supply trains behind unguarded.

Photo Credit: Wolfgang Kaehler/LightRocket via Getty Images
Photo Credit: Wolfgang Kaehler/LightRocket via Getty Images

Bai Qi’s cavalry, in turn, destroyed the supply train, leaving the army with nothing. Zhao Kuo was killed 46 days later in a failed breakout attempt, and his entire army surrendered due to starvation. Instead of granting the army pardon, Bai Qi had all the men, up to 400,000 executed.