Here Are The Titles Leaving Netflix In May 2020

As nations around the world stay indoors this year, Netflix has never been more appreciated. With so much time on many of our hands, it’s worth knowing what movies and shows to catch before they leave the popular streaming service. From classics like Driving Miss Daisy to outlandish comedies like Step Brothers, there’s an array of titles that you may watch to catch before they leave Netflix. Keep reading to see what won’t be on Netflix as of May 2020.

A Cinderella Story

Warner Bros.
Warner Bros.

A Cinderella Story is a modern take on the classic fairytale, starring Hillary Duff as Sam, an unpopular tomboy who works in a diner. Sam is made fun of at school and at home, where she is dominated by her foul stepmother and mean stepsisters.

Fortunately, she has a kind friend and a fairy godmother-like manager who help get her to the dance where she can meet the classmate she’s mean anonymously chatting with online. But before he can remove her mask, she has to race home! Check out the family flick before it leaves May 1st to see what happens!