Surprising Facts About The Nightmare Before Christmas

What movie better encompasses the holiday spirit than one that covers both Halloween and Christmas? The Nightmare Before Christmas is a classic suitable for a wide range of audiences. Its massive success has lingered throughout the decades, but it wasn’t always such smooth sailing for the film. The three-year-long production went through many hiccups under the watchful eye of Disney, while producers scrambled to come up with a barely-formed script. Not to mention that the complexity of stop-motion required the most talented designers around. The creepy movie had to cut scenes for childrens’ sake, including Tim Burton’s cameo. Read on for more wild facts about this holiday favorite.

It Began With A Poetic Parody

Walt Disney Pictures
Walt Disney Pictures

While Tim Burton was working for Disney, he was also experimenting on his own creative projects. One exercise he did was write a poem modeled after The Night Before Christmas, apparent in the line, “Not a creature was peaceful, not even a mouse.” It was a parody, so he named it The Nightmare Before Christmas.

The poem developed into what would become the movie with lines like, “Jack Skellington was his name./ He was tired and bored in Halloweenland.”