Ultimate Throwback Photos From Your Favorite Food Network Stars

We love when celebrities share throwback photos online and that includes our favorite Food Network stars. It’s priceless to see what the top chefs on television looked like before they could even pick up a whisk. While they might be glamorous chefs cooking for A-listers now, back in the day they were just as awkward and adorable as any of us. Just wait until you see the Pioneer Woman’s totally ’80s outfit.

Valerie Bertinelli

Before she was the host and judge on Kids Baking Championship, Valerie Bertinelli was an adorable kid herself! While many Food Network chefs started cooking from a young age, Bertinelli was more focused on acting.

food throwback 1

She landed her first acting role at age 15 on the sitcom One Day at a Time, and soon she was rich enough to afford her own personal chef! It wasn’t until her weight struggles that she began cooking and looking at food differently.