Six Major Differences Between Netflix And Disney+

The battle of the streaming services intensified this week when Disney+ launched on November 12th. The streaming service is veteran Netflix’s latest competition and though they might be similar, they are some key differences.

One of the most obvious differences between the two streaming services is the cost. Netflix costs $9 a month for its most basic plan, while Disney+ only costs $6.99 a month.

The basic plan for Disney+ includes simultaneous streaming for four different devices, while Netflix’s basic plan only includes two. It would cost you $15.99 a month for the same feature on Netflix.

For those of you who have big families (or are sharing your streaming password with a ton of friends) Disney+ allows for up to seven different profiles, while Netflix only allows you to create five.

In the interface of Netflix, you’re able to skip episodes and view descriptions while streaming the show, but Disney+ only offers basic video controls such as volume, fullscreen, and pause.

For the most part, when Netflix releases a show you get the entire season at once, unless it’s also being aired on cable channels, such as Riverdale on The CW. Disney+ however, is using a weekly release schedule for their original content including The Mandalorian.

Netflix also currently has much more content than Disney+. It has 4,000 movies and 47,000 TV episodes, while Disney+ only has 500 movies and 7,500 episodes currently.

Disney+ had 3.2 million app downloads in its first day, but only time will tell if those numbers will stick around beyond the 7-day free trial. Will you be choosing Disney+ over Netflix, or keep both for your viewing pleasure?