Rare Photos Of Directors On The Set Of Their Iconic Films

The success or failure of a film is largely due to the people behind the scenes. It’s difficult to imagine what films such as The Godfather, Annie Hall, or Titanic would have looked like had other people been in charge of their creation. Here are rare photos of some of the most famous directors comfortably working in their environments.

Alfred Hitchcock’s Vertigo Is One Of His Most Iconic Films


Hitchcock filmed Vertigo on location in San Francisco, California, and at Paramount Studios in Hollywood in 1958. The film was revolutionary for the filmmaker’s use of the dolly zoom. The effect distorts perspective and was used to show John “Scottie” Ferguson’s (James Stewart) fear of heights. Above, Hitchcock is pictured directing actress Kim Novak. While the movie received mixed reviews upon its release, it’s now considered one of Hitchcock’s most career-defining films. In 2012, the British Film Institute named it the “best film ever made.” It centers on Scottie, who is hired by an acquaintance to follow his wife.