We’re So Glad These Last-Minute Movie Changes Happened

We all know what it’s like to have an idea strike gold on the first try. We also all know the feeling when something takes multiple ideas, attempts, and changes to get to the final product. Unsurprisingly, actors, directors, and producers in Hollywood face the exact same issue. Sometimes, a script or cast member is perfect the first time. Other times, a last-minute change is necessary to make it right.

These movie changes happened at the last second and we’re so glad they did. Just the thought of these films turning out a different way makes us cringe. Read on and find out how your favorite movies ended up the way they are.

Speilberg’s Choice For A Mechanical Shark Changed Jaws

Steven Spielberg was still just an up-and-coming director when he was tasked with directing Jaws. The movie studio wanted to use real footage of a shark for the movie, but Spielberg insisted on building a mechanical one.

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Universal Studios/MovieStillsDB
Universal Studios/MovieStillsDB

Unfortunately, the mechanical shark often malfunctioned and was broken after only a week of filming. As a result, Spielberg had to leave many scenes showing the shark out, which left the film with a much better, much more ominous feeling.