These Movies Almost Destroyed Actors’ Careers

Hollywood is a fickle place where one misstep can end a person’s career. There are many actors who’ve made bad films here and there, but some have starred in such terrible movies that they struggled to recover and find work ever again. From Hayden Christensen’s unpopular role in Star Wars to Mike Myers’ Love Guru flop, check out the movie that destroyed (or at least sidelined) A-listers’ careers.

Chris O’Donnell Struggled Following Batman & Robin

Chris O’Donnell’s career was on the upswing when he landed the role of Dick Grayson in Batman Forever. A few years earlier, he’d received a Golden Globe nomination for Scent of a Woman. The superhero film performed well at the box office, yet its sequel, 1997’s Batman & Robin, was panned by critics.

Warner Bros.
Warner Bros.

While George Clooney managed to rebound without too much trouble, O’Donnell didn’t have quite as much luck. He struggled for years to get back on track and appeared in various TV shows. In 2009, 12 long years later, he finally found his groove on NCIS: Los Angeles.