These Are The Movies We Can’t Stop Watching Because They’re Just That Good

There are some movies that people can watch over and over without ever getting sick of them. Whether it’s because a movie has struck a chord with us in our youth or because a film was a cinematic masterpiece, there are plenty of rewatchable films that we can all agree on. From classic ’80s flicks like Back to the Future and Ferris Bueller’s Day Off to modern-day favorites like Mean Girls, you know you’re locked in until the end if these happen to be on TV.

Back To The Future

You don’t even have to be born in the ’80s or earlier to appreciate what a great film Back to the Future is. This movie about a zany, inventive scientist and his teenaged buddy who travel back in time is, well, timeless.

Photo by Universal Pictures
Photo by Universal Pictures

In probably what is just one of his many iconic roles, Christopher Lloyd will forever be affectionately be known as Dr. Emmett “Doc” Brown. With his time-traveling DeLorean, Doc and Marty McFly — played by Michael J. Fox — travel back to 1955 where McFly encounters the teenaged versions of his parents.