The Real Reason Jenny Died In Forrest Gump And How Cinema Portrayed The AIDS Crisis

HIV and AIDS have been a topic of cinema since the mid-1980s. While the crisis was taking American lives, people turned to art to make sense of what was happening to them and their communities. These movies give us some insight into how different cultures saw and responded to HIV and AIDS.

Keep reading to discover all of the films that have contributed to our understanding of this devastating disease.

Angels In America

Angels in America first emerged as a play by the one and only Tony Kushner. It takes a surreal look at the AIDS epidemic from the points of view of several characters, including a fictionalized version of attorney Roy Cohn.

Photo Credit: @br_luigi_gioia / Twitter
Photo Credit: @br_luigi_gioia / Twitter

The play was made into a miniseries starring Al Pacino, Meryl Streep, Emma Thomson, and Jeffrey Wright, among other fantastic actors.