The One Thing We All Missed In ‘Home Alone’ And Other Fun Facts Behind The Movie

Everyone has that one particular Christmas that they must watch every year. Whether it’s Christmas Vacation, Elf, or Rudolph The Red Nose Reindeer, one of the top films for the holiday season is Home Alone.

The fact that an eight-year-old takes down two bizarre burglars is a treat to watch. However, no matter how many times you’ve watched the movie, there’s one thing, in particular, you probably missed.

By Now, You Pretty Much Know The Plot Of The Movie

Since you likely watch it once or twice a year, here’s a quick summary. Essentially, the plot of the movie is that youngster Kevin McCallister is forgotten by his family when they leave for Christmas vacation.

20th Century Fox/MovieStillsDb
20th Century Fox/MovieStillsDb

He’s left home to fend for himself, but it’s not long before things go from bad to worse.