The Hills Are Alive! Behind The Scenes With The Sound of Music

The Sound of Music is an American musical legend and is definitely considered a cult classic. With five Academy Awards and two Golden Globes, The Sound of Music has certainly earned its place among one of the greatest films of all time. Despite how popular the film was, there is a lot that went on behind the scenes that may shock those who hold the film close to their heart. Read on to find out where the actors of the von Trapp family are today and the secrets they held while filming!

A Classic For Many Generations


The Sound of Music just turned 50 in 2015, but it’s not showing any signs of slowing down in popularity. The iconic musical, starring Julie Andrews as Maria, became wildly successful when it was first released on March 2, 1965, and it continued to gain momentum.

It quickly surpassed Gone With The Wind to become the highest-grossing film of all time. When it was released, the movie broke box-office records in twenty-nine different countries.