The Dumbest, Cheesiest, And Most Awkward Movie Lines That We Love To Hate

“You can’t handle the truth!” Well, the truth is that movies are more than just entertainment. They leave us with quotes that we use every day in our lives. The movie lines we love will always be unforgettable, but there are some quotes we remember for all the wrong reasons.

We’re not sure how these ultra-cheesy lines made it through multiple script re-writes, but we love to hate them. I think it’s an unwritten Hollywood rule that every great rom-com has to have one awful line at the end. These are all the cheesiest, most awkward, and painfully obvious lines that Hollywood has blessed us with.

Oh, I Didn’t Even Notice I Was Covered In Water

four wedding funeral quote.jpg

Photo credit: @hvmsclark / Twitter

Carrie and Charles didn’t have the best luck throughout Four Weddings and a Funeral but when they finally come together, it truly is a tearjerker moment. That is until she decides to spew out this ridiculous line.

The actress who played Carrie, Andie MacDowell, defended the line later saying “she was so in love, she wasn’t thinking about the fricking rain.”