The Behind-The-Scenes Secrets of Dirty Dancing

Dirty Dancing is an ’80s classic that turned stars Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey into household names. The movie is still regularly shown on cable TV today and has successfully attracted an entirely new generation of fans. However, behind the classic love story, there were lots of interesting debacles taking place on set. Check out this list full of stories about tension between actors, crazy happenings on set, and other interesting tidbits you probably didn’t know.

Baby Is Based On A Real Person

Dirty Dancing was written by Eleanor Bergstein. When Eleanor wrote Dirty Dancing, she based Baby’s life on her very own — Baby was even her real nickname as a young girl! Eleanor developed Baby’s character so much that even small details were brought to life. Baby was Jewish, she was from Brooklyn, her father was a doctor and her family regularly took vacations to the Catskills.

Dominik Bindl/WireImage
Dominik Bindl/WireImage

Of course, Eleanor also has a love of dancing, although it’s unknown if she had her very own Johnny to keep her company on her family summer vacations. She has said that she took part in various “dirty dancing” competitions that were around at the time.