‘Joker’ Is Set To Break Box Office Records

The Joaquin Phoenix-led film Joker finally comes out on October 4th. Tracking reports have the film aimed to possible break the October box office record.

The reports have the film making $80 million in its opening weekend. The October record for a film’s opening weekend is currently $80.2 million which was set by Venom last year. Clearly October is the month for superhero villains.

According to Deadline, Joker may open in up to 4,000 theaters when it premieres nationwide this weekend. That’s a couple hundred less than the number of theaters last year’s Venom film released in. On movie service Atom Tickets, Joker is number 2 in pre-sales for films rated-R in 2019.

The psychological thriller is highly anticipated by fans as it’s earning tons of positive reviews from critics. It won the Golden Lion award at the 76th Venice International Film Festival and has earned a 77% on “Rotten Tomatoes.”