Inside The Quirky Weirdness Of Tim Burton’s ‘Beetlejuice’

Beetlejuice’s unique mix of comedy and horror became a hallmark for then-unknown director Tim Burton, who went on to craft some of the most visually unique and utterly bizarre blockbuster hits of all time. Most of us forget that Beetlejuice helped pave the way for major talents like Burton, who hadn’t yet hit it big with The Nightmare Before Christmas, and Winona Rider, who would only become a household name after Heathers was released later that year. Beetlejuice crafted a 25-year-long legacy, but the “Ghost with the Most” was almost a whole lot different than you ever imagined.

Here are some little-known facts and trivia from the making of Beetlejuice.

Betelgeuse Was Originally A Winged Middle Eastern Man

According to The Playlist, Beetlejuice originally looked a whole lot different. In original drafts of the screenplay, “he was envisioned as a leather-winged demon whose humanoid form is that of a squat Middle Eastern man. Subsequent drafts had him talking in a kind of African American pidgin dialect.”