A Look Behind The Scenes Of The Classic Western Tombstone

Whether or not you are a fan of the western film genre, you have probably heard of the iconic 1993 American Western film, Tombstone. This film classic features a star-studded cast and it also helped to revive the genre in the late 20th century. It was one of the first unique films of its time and helped pave the way for future films in the genre. If you, like many others, already know and love Tombstone, you might find some unknown bits of trivia ahead…

Kevin Jarre Was Fired for Wanting to Do Things His Way

You would think that writing a film and being the director would mean that you could do things your own way, but that’s exactly what got Kevin Jarre fired from his project. According to Michael Biehn, this was a hard time

Picture of Priestley and Biehn
Buena Vista Pictures
Buena Vista Pictures

“It was sad for me,” Biehn said. “I liked Kevin a lot. He was the one that wrote the script. He really wanted that script to be the way he wanted it to be. He wanted to cast it the way he wanted to cast it. He wanted the saddles to look the way he wanted them to look. He wanted the spurs to be a certain way. He wanted the mustaches to be a certain way. He wanted the dialogue to be a certain way.”