The Best Movies That Celebrate The Underdog

Everyone loves a tale of characters overcoming enormous odds to find success. Hollywood usually uses sports stories, like Rocky, to tell this tale as old as time. Still, sometimes the tale of a scrappy game show contestant fighting for love steals our hearts. The celebration of the human spirit that these underdog stories explore fill our hearts with warmth and remind us just how much good there is left in the world. The following movies are the most uplifting underdog movies you can watch.

Rocky Fought Its Way To Ten Oscar Nominations

One of the most well-known underdog stories ever told, Rocky came out in 1976 and became an instant classic. It was so beloved, it received ten Academy Award nominations, including two for Sylvester Stallone.

sylvester stallone rocky great underdog movies

Stallone, who was nominated for acting and writing, didn’t take home a trophy, but he did win our hearts. Few stories are as memorably told as the “Italian Stallion’s” rise from nobody to a world-renowned boxer. Even the sequels were good. We know one of them will be on this list for sure!