Antiheroes In Movies That We Can’t Help But Love

What makes a hero a hero? Is it their courage? Their morals? Their drive to always do the right thing? Sure, heroes are great and all, but let’s face it — they’re not always relatable. That’s why so many of us fall in love with the antiheroes in movies. Not to be confused with villains, antiheroes aren’t bad guys — they just lack traditional heroic values and morals. They function using their own ethical codes and audiences tend to love them because they’re sometimes sort of like us. Who doesn’t want to feel like a hero, right? These characters may be far from heroic, but we love them anyway. Here are the best movie antiheroes of all time.

Learn why Ferris Bueller is one of our favorite antiheroes later.

Tony Montana – Scarface


AP Photo/ Universal Studios Home Entertainment

Let’s be honest, in reality, most of us would keep a good distance away from a person like Tony Montana. He’s greedy, he kills people without a second thought, he’s somewhat abusive, and basically lacks all sense of morals. Yet, when it comes to a movie like Scarface, you can’t help but find yourself rooting for him. You have to respect everything that he’s accomplished in life, which might even make some of his actions understandable. If you came from nothing and were suddenly one of the richest people in Miami, wouldn’t you get a pet tiger too? He’s also under a level of stress that most of us will probably never feel, so maybe we should cut him some slack.