Movie Costumes That Got It Wrong

Movie creators work hard to produce clothing and accessories that are as realistic as possible for the time period of their movies. Unfortunately, the people responsible for creating realistic era-based props sometimes fail miserably. From digital watches appearing years before they were developed to clothing that didn’t come into fashion for decades, these costume blunders should never have occurred but they make for great conversation pieces.

The Ever Convenient (And Time-Traveling?) Clip-On Tie

The beloved clip-on tie is an accessory that many modern men rely on for easy dressing. Clip-on ties are also great for people who work in dangerous situations where a traditional necktie could cause a safety risk. In the film The Color Purple, the character Albert wears a clip-on tie. He is pictured wearing the tie in a scene that supposedly takes place in 1916. Unfortunately, that particular type of tie wasn’t invented until 1928 — December 13th to be exact.

Warner Bros.
Warner Bros.

Perhaps Albert was just a forward-thinking man who invented his own version of the popular accessory. The original inventor’s name is unknown… could it have been Albert?