Here’s How Much Each Member Of The Royal Family Is Worth

The British royal family has power, prestige and tons and tons of money (pounds and pounds and pounds, you could say, since we’re dealing with British currency here). Contrary to popular belief, the Royals aren’t funded by taxpayers. They’re independently wealthy with inheritances, crowd estates, and allowances. Alone, the crown jewels have an estimated worth between £3 and £5 billion ($4 – $6.6 billion). Their combined wealth is thought to be around $88 billion.

So, how much are the British family members actually worth? Here are the richest and the poorest of the bunch. Spoiler: even the poorest royals are still wealthier than we could ever imagine.

Queen Elizabeth II ($550 Million)

Image Credit: WPA Pool / Pool / Getty Images
Image Credit: WPA Pool / Pool / Getty Images

The only people in Britain whose wealth rivals the Queen’s net worth are Victoria and David Beckham. Leave it to a Spice Girl and a football star, two of Britain’s finest exports. Most of the Queen’s monstrous worth comes from her properties. She’s got a $140 million castle in the Scottish Highlands and the $65 million Sandringham House. She’s also got a few unique collections. The Queen is the owner of every single wild swan in the U.K., and she’s got the largest stamp collection in the world.

On top of her over $10 billion real estate holdings and royal art collection, Queen Elizabeth II gets a $12.9 million government stipend for her role (which includes a small amount of taxpayer money).