Brow Fails: What Were They Thinking?!

There is a reason that people say that eyebrows “frame” a face. Some people out there get a little… daring, to say the least, when it comes to eyebrow trends. From the ultra-thin look of the 1990s, to Brooke Shield’s lush 1980s brow, to completely drawn on and stenciled – this list has every brow imaginable. Can you believe these styles that women chose for their eyebrows?

Flower Child Eyebrows


While we can’t be certain, it definitely looks as though this woman has completely shaved off all of her brows. Whether that’s a tattoo or some handy work with an eyebrow pencil, it’s anyone’s guess. This look is definitely for the wild at heart and probably for someone who doesn’t deal with people much at work. Can you imagine this woman working as a bank teller for instance? Probably not! Either way, this eyebrow queen definitely committed to a look and stuck with it. What do you think actual 1960s hippies would say of her far-out eyebrow look? Groovy!

Queen Of The Bush

While some might compare this woman to various cartoon characters like Patrick Star from Sponegbob. Her look is a little bit more like iconic classic Hollywood figure Groucho Marx if you ask us. Actually, it seems more likely like this poor young lady did her makeup either in the complete dark or in a total drunken blackout. Her eyebrows are definitely not the only problem here. She also tops off the eyebrows with an extremely orange fake tan and white lipstick to complete the entire terrifying look. We’re hoping that this makeup look was created as a joke and not as a real person’s makeup of choice.

The Straight And Narrow


One, we are pretty sure that this image is a mugshot. And two, she definitely shaved off her eyebrows for the shot and you can even see a five o’clock shadow where her natural brows once were (a brow o’clock shadow, if you will?) Needless to say, she replaced her vanquished eyebrows with pin straight, black as night lines horizontally across her face, which looks totally unnatural. How much would you bet that her natural brow were about 100 percent of an improvement on this look? Perhaps, she is just going for low maintenance and thought shaving them off entirely was the best way to do that!

Forever Mad Dogging

Here is yet another mugshot princess. This woman has also seemingly shaved off her natural brows, but there doesn’t seem to be any kind of five o’clock brow shadow on her face. Instead she drew what we lovingly refer to as “villain brows” on her face. Do her eyebrows not look exactly like Maleficent from Sleeping Beauty? Something about these insanely arched brows make it look as though she is up to no good. And judging from the mugshot, neither did the police officers who arrested her. Perhaps she is simply malcontent with the way her eyebrow look turned out!

Drawing Skills

Okay, so this woman has taken on drawn on eyebrows to a completely new level. What is it about women in prison orange jumpsuits showing up with the craziest brow styles ever?! Anyway, it’s hard to tell if this is totally eyebrow pencil or if it is partially her natural brow. Whatever the case might be, she certainly possesses some super strong eyebrows on her face. Seeing this woman in real life would definitely be jarring as some might say it looks like a furry critter found a new home on her face. Would you rock this intense brow look?

The Tiniest Cat Ears


Alright, so this is UNREAL! Does this girl not own a mirror or have any friends or family around her? She is another of the shave eyebrow unit but she did not put much effort at all into drawing them back on. In fact, her eyebrows truly resemble a drawing outline of cat ears. Now why one would want to have this on their face is a totally different story, but disturbing either way. Some women love the super thin plucked look but it should really stay back in the late 1990s where it belongs. Although, fashion and style is definitely cyclical so it’s probably only a matter of time before we see this trend again.

Chola Brows


Cholas are known for their drawn on eyebrow look. Many people often refer to them as “sharpie” brows, although they aren’t usually actually drawn on with a permanent marker, although they might be sometimes. Needless to say, Cholas have a very distinguishable makeup look: superdefined brows, pristine skin, and dark lips with even darker lip liner. The chola in this photo has really embraced another trend – drag makeup. Her eye makeup is definitely close to what many drag queens where out in the real world. Although, if you’ve watched RuPaul’s Drag Race anytime lately you will know that the queens have definitely taken their makeup and hair skills to another level!

Eyebrow Pain


It’s unknown exactly what happened to this young woman’s eyebrows. Some say this was a wax fail. We think it definitely looks more like an allergic reaction. Possibly from eyebrow dye. You definitely need to be careful when applying dye on your face, especially so close to your eyes. Yikes! We hope this girl’s painful eyebrow situation cleared up without any permanent damage. One thing’s for sure though, she ws definitely ready to withstand some pain in order to have the perfect brow. Sadly, things took a wrong turn for her somewhere. Oh, the crazy things we go through for beauty!

Part the Brows!


Moses parted the Red Sea, and this girl parted her own brows. Again, the eyebrows have been shaved off and replaced although they were drawn back on far too distant from one another. This definitely throws off this girl’s whole entire face. This girl would definitely benefit from a class or perhaps a YouTube tutorial or two in order to get on track with the proper way to create a brow. However, compared to some of the other brow tragedies on this list, we think she’s not too far off from having a decent eyebrow look which will only improve her natural beauty.

Tiniest Brows


This poor girl also shaved off her brows only to draw them back on in the shape of tiny frowns. Of course, only if the frowns were on the faces of a stick figure. Like other girls on this list the eyebrows really throw off her entire face. It’s true when they say the eyebrows frame the face. If your eyebrows are off, pretty much your whole face is thrown off. It’s a shame for this girl because she was would be really pretty if she only had her makeup look under control! As they are now, it kind of makes her look a bit deranged or even like she is totally out of it!

Instagram Brows Gone Wrong


If you have ever seen an Instagram brow in real life, the effects can be quite jarring. Particularly, for girls who are drawing on eyebrows where they either have none or very little, the effect of the makeup in person can be super obvious. For this young woman, it looks like she certainly got carried away in the trend. Not only can you see her natural brow underneath the makeup, which looks to be powder. She also highlighted around her eyebrow in a shade that’s far too light for her skin tone which only draws more attention to the craziness of her brows. The natural shape of her brows looks to be quite nice and it would be better if she only filled in their natural shape instead of trying to draw on a completely new brow!



What can really be said about this eyebrow? Clearly, this young girl is a huge fan of the brand Nike. Perhaps she was simply gearing herself up with their catchy slogan “Just Do It”. Perhaps she is an athlete and she was motivating herself before a game. Perhaps she lost a bet? Or perhaps she is just doing this as a joke. Quite often it’s hard to tell the difference on the internet during this day and age as so often people upload joke content just for the likes. Well, let’s hope that’s the case here anyone because these brows are seriously some of the most far out on the entire list!

Over The Top Brows


This one is kind of like an even worse version that Instagram brows gone wrong. For this poor woman she seemed to have use a magic marker in light of any kind of brow product to fill in her brows, not to mention highlight with a far too light shade around her entire brow. The shape is also pretty insane here, and you can lightly see her real brow underneath there somewhere. It’s also interesting that this woman has next to no other makeup on her face besides these eyebrow monstrosities. Perhaps, this too was just a joke?! How else could explain such crazy eyebrows?!

Child Drawing Brows


This might be a play off the previous chola entry on the list. She has the shave eyebrow drawn back on with black, what looks to be liquid eyeliner. Except, instead of a precise arch, it literally looks like a 4-year-old drew on her eyebrows. This eyebrow queen also has the matching dark lip liner with the inner part of lip left relatively bare. What a beautiful combination! She also definitely has the tough menacing stare down pat and combined with the hoop earrings and facial piercings she definitely looks like a woman you would not want to mess with!

Sharpie Eyebrows


This woman has embraced a rather unorthodox eyebrow shape, to say the least. She is definitely a huge fan of the arch. You certainly have to be careful with the hyper-arched brows or else you might come off looking like your favorite Disney villain (of, course that might be what you’re going for). Some might call these sharpie brows, and they certainly do look like they might be drawn on by a fat marker, but in all likelihood, they are actually just a hefty dose of brow pencil. This woman seems to embrace the mantra, “the fatter the sharpie, the better the brow”. However, we certainly think that less is more, especially when it comes to eyebrows!

Antenna Brows

This is either a mugshot or a driver’s license photo and sometimes it’s quite difficult to tell the difference. This woman is also part of the shaved off eyebrows club and instead of making a natural shape, has instead gone for the two straight angled lines look. We haven’t seen anybody born with this natural style of brow so it definitely appears a bit jarring on the face. Some might say it’s reminiscent of the film A Bug’s Life, or to be more specific her eyebrows definitely resemble insect antennas. Yikes! We think a natural brow would definitely suit this woman better than her current ones.

Optical Illusion Brows

Alright, so this definitely has to be a makeup person on YouTube doing some kind of challenge. There is no way a person would actually go out with this look right? Not only did she create double eyebrows but she also created double eyelashes. There have certainly been a certain copycat experiment going on around Instagram within the past year where makeup artists create optical illusions on their own faces, so perhaps this is just that. Although, this is kind of the chola version of the optical illusion look. Would you try this interesting eyebrow look on your own faces?

Stay Connected


We are not really sure what is going on here. Is that his actual hair connected to his eyebrow or is that drawn on. If it’s actual hair that’s definitely a lot to be growing that far up on his face! This must be some kind of warped version of the mutton chop look that men rocked back in the 1970s. Either way, it’s going to be a “no” from us for this one. It wraps around all the way to the back of his head! The entire look is pretty astounding to say the least. At what point is it considered an eyebrow and at one point is it his hair?

The Vanilla Ice


If anything can be said for this young woman, it’s that she definitely has her own sense of style. From literally yellow hair to her drawn on eyebrows she would definitely stand apart in a crowd. Interstingly, she is actually still quite beautiful despite her unorthodox looks. For her eyebrows she has three deliberate cuts through one of them, which is almost exactly the same style that rapper Vanilla Ice wore a decade previously. Do you think she’s taking her style cues from the one hit wonder turned reality star or do you think the look is merely a coincidence?

Groucho Marx Reincarnated


This girl is definitely a fan of the super dark eyebrow trend. However, instead of wearing naturally bushy brows a la Brooke Shields, she is all about the eyebrow pencil, pomade, and powder. You can actually faintly see her real eyebrows underneath it all. We don’t think that someone would actually go out in public like this. It’s far more likely this girl posted this photo as a simple joke. Or at least that’s what we want to believe. Especially because her hairstyle and the rest of her makeup seem to suggest that she is pretty “normal” style wise besides the over the top eyebrows!

United We Brow


This girl has drawn on her eyebrows so close together that they are almost touching, a unibrow if you will. In fact, her eyebrows are reminiscent of the famous NBA basketball player Anthony Davis who plays for the New Orleans Pelicans. We don’t think that’s the look she was going for but she simply got carried away with the eyebrow pencil. This woman actually has quite beautiful features so these brows are only doing a total disservice to her face. Less is more and that is certainly the case for this tragic set of brows. Hopefully, one day she will see the light!

The Brow Message


Now for one of the only men of the entire list – the “wrongfully convicted”. This guy brings up a lot of questions. Did he have this intricate eyebrow tattoo done before he went into prison? Or is this a prison tattoo? It more than likely cannot be the latter as it doesn’t seem as though razor blades would regularly be allowed in jail, although men can get haircuts so perhaps he asked them to buzz his brows? Who knows! One thing is for sure, this guy definitely felt very strongly about being wrongfully convicted and the need to proclaim his innocence to the world at large!

Step Away From The Tweezers

Most women have a dark period in their history of time spent with bad brows. For most women, this was sometime during their teenage years when they decided to follow whatever the trend was for the moment. For this young lady in the photo, she definitely went a bit overboard with the tweezers. Some women have said that after such vicious tweezing, their eyebrows never grew back in to look like they once did. For other women, they say their brows grew back perfectly fine and they could resume having a semblance of a normal brow on their face once again. Let’s hope this woman has good brows again wherever she might be!

Terrifying Instagram Brows Take Three


Chalk this brow photo up to yet another of the horrible insta-brows that have become popular as of late. These days some women are using these crazy devices which are meant to make perfectly symmetrical brows. The problem is that no actual human has symmetrical brows and when you do it can definitely give an alien like quality to your face! This girl also highlighted all the way around her brows including in between but did not properly blend. This gives the impression that her brows are completely distinct from the rest of her makeup, which is not a good look for anyone. No matter how pretty you are!

One Brow Realness


For whatever reason, this woman decided to stop and snap a selfie while in the middle of finishing her eyebrow makeup. Without any makeup on it looks as though she has no eyebrows whatsoever. So either she has extremely light hair (which is possible judging how incredibly fair she is) or she shaves her eyebrows off. For some reason, the people who have unorthodox eyebrow styles certainly seem to love shaving off their brows. Perhaps, because it makes for easier makeup application. Now the real question is why did she choose this spermatozoa style to draw her eyebrow on in?

A Fan Of Bugs


This woman has all taken off all of her brows only to replace it by drawing half a brow? We are not sure of why anyone would do this but it is certainly reminiscent of a bug’s antennas. It also makes her look like she is walking around perpetually angry. Can you imagine if this was the brow style she decided to wear on her wedding day? Looking up at your bride to be with angry brows like this definitely wouldn’t make you feel like your future wife really meant the vows she was saying. This photo looks quite dated so let’s hope her brows have improved by now!

The Struggle Brow


Okay, to put these brows in the context of this post – they might be the best of the entire list. They are almost like an actual natural eyebrow. Even better it looks as though you can see some her actual natural hair lingering around the brow. The real problem with this look is the poor woman’s eye makeup. She applied eyeshadow in the crease of her eye without blending it. Because the eye shadow is super close in color to her eyebrows it looks as though she has a whole double eyebrow going on. Definitely not a good look but fixable with a bit of blending!

The Glued Eyebrow

So, there is a drag technique (which you might have seen before if you ever watched RuPaul’s Drag Race), where queens actually take a school glue stick and glue down their eyebrow hairs and then apply stage makeup over the top of it in order to create a new brow in a totally different place. That is definitely what the diva in the photo did! You can see the super white area is where her brows previously were. However, for her the new look definitely doesn’t work because her new brows are far too close to her hairline. The brow shape is definitely not the worst of the list, however!

The Ultimate Star Trek Fan

There is something about the combination of this woman’s haircut and her eyebrows that definitely make her resemble Spock of Star Trek (Rest In Peace Leonard Nimoy!). In addition, this woman’s expression really makes her look like she might resemble Spock in personality too. If you are unfamiliar, Spock’s character famously struggled with not having or understanding human emotion. It almost looks like this woman is working in the office of a college somewhere, which is definitely not a place you want someone to be devoid of emotion! With a little softening of the eyebrow makeup this woman would give off a totally different look and vibe. Don’t you think?

Punk Cleopatra


This woman definitely has tattooed brows on, but more so than that it’s clear that she is a big fan of tattoos in general. When combined with the ancient Egyptian style eye makeup, the hieroglyphic esque symbol on her forehead, dots above her eyebrows, and super punk hairstyle – this woman is reminiscent of a modern punk Cleopatra. While many might find her look to be too unpalatable for them, it’s clear she knows how she wants to look and has definitely committed to her own style. Confidence is always honorable even if you aren’t a fan of the style on yourself!

Not The Worst

This woman has either completely removed all of her eyebrow hair only to draw in a super fine line in the shape of a rainbow or she plucked the hair to be that thin. As far as this goes, she certainly isn’t the worst or even the most far out there. If you saw her in person at the grocery store you probably wouldn’t even take a second glance. However, her stare is a bit more ominous. Perhaps she was just in a bad mood when she snapped this selfie, but she definitely looks fifty shades of angry! Perhaps, it is merely her brow struggle that has upset her.

Gaga’s Bling Brows

Pictured here is Lady Gaga with one of her many incarnations – we dubbed this one “the bling brow”. Gaga is known for being over the top in her various costumes and eras. Who amongst us could forget the meat dress? (Yes, if you’re unfamiliar Gaga once wore a dress made of literal meat). Anyway, the bling brow is relatively tame when it comes to the world of Lady Gaga. It’s also relatively tame when it comes to this list. We think that even Lady Gaga in all her extreme campy flamboyance would find some of these other brow entries as totally outlandish. What do you think?

Brushed Up Brows


Finally, an entry on the list that doesn’t include drawing on your eyebrows! This woman seems to have simply brushed whatever eyebrow hair she has, straight up, probably with some kind of clear eyebrow gel. She doesn’t seem to be wearing much other makeup so she definitely wanted to make a statement with these brows. Or perhaps, she was simply making a joke. There is another type of eyebrow trend currently floating around called the “feather brow” which this is very similar too. If this type of eyebrow does anything, it definitely makes you look like you have more eyebrow than you actually have!

She’s Got The Look


This woman looks to be one of those people who violently rejects any kind of social norm associated with mainstream beauty. From the shaved head, to the menacing stare, the black lip liner, and the very very tiny drawn on eyebrows. Her look is reminiscent of women doing hard time in prison who have no access to makeup yet still want to have some kind of look going on, so they resort to using a literal sharpie for eyeliner, eyebrows, and lips. Then again, perhaps we are simply judging a book by its cover and this woman is actually the nicest person alive.

Eyebrow Acting


There are some actors out there who have eyebrows than can do most of the acting for them. Take for instance, actress Emilia Clarke who plays Khaleesi on Game of Thrones. She has even gone on multiple late night shows talking about her “eyebrow acting”. Now this photo isn’t of Emilia, but this girl’s eyebrows are certainly just as expressive. While some might fault the shape, we think they aren’t too far off from normal, but it’s just her expression that makes them look a bit off. Perhaps this young lady should give acting ago, she definitely already has her “sad” face down!

Must Love Cats


Well, it’s clear this woman loves at least one thing in her life- cats, cats, and more cats! She has either tattooed or very carefully drawn on two sleeping cats where her eyebrows once were. This is truly taking cat lady to a totally different level. This woman also seems to have no other makeup on so her devotion to cats is truly apparent. Although, there have been others who have actually attempted to transform themselves into cats complete with tattooed leopard spots and facial implants. In hindsight, this one is quite tame. Perhaps, it’s just a joke after all!

Wal-Mart Employee Of The Year


There used to be a website dedicated to the people of Wal-Mart (which is where this young woman works judging by her name tag) and she would definitely be deserving of her very own entry. This woman’s super dramatic makeup, both eyeliner, and eyebrows would definitely make for some double takes. Although we are having a really hard time figuring out exactly what look she was going for here. Is it a Chola Cleopatra hybrid? Whatever the case might be, she undoubtedly had to get a few stares and probably even a few questions every time she went in to work like this!

Snow White Goes Dark

Actress Ginnifer Goodwin is spotted here wearing a super dark makeup look. Ginnifer is known for her roles on Once Upon A Time as Snow White, and also as one of the wives on Big Love which co-starred Bill Paxton as a polygamist leader and business owner. Here the loveable actress’s eyeshadow is so dark it sort of blends in with her eyebrows which is definitely not a forgiving look under the harsh flashes of the photographers red carpet flashes. Well, you can’t have a beauty hit every time you walk the red carpet, but she probably told her makeup artist that wasn’t her favorite look of all time after taking a gander at these photos!

Matching Your Stuffed Animal?


For whatever reason, this girl decided to shave off her eyebrows with the exception of a little nub, in order to match her stuffed animal seal. Why someone would do this… who knows? Seals are definitely beautiful and loveable creatures but this seems to be pretty extreme. Perhaps, she is working with an environmental agency to bring attention to the plight of the seals. Or perhaps she just really loves her stuffed animal! It’s definitely an odd choice for a woman of her age to do. Then again, there are people out there who claim to be in real relationships with stuffed animals, so is it really that weird after all?

Angelina’s Brow Nightmare


As previously mentioned, most women have a brow moment in their past that they are not proud of. If you’re lucky, your moment was not captured on photo! Unfortunately for Angelina Jolie, her moment was. Even one of the most beautiful women in the world has had bad brows folks! This eyebrow was totally distinct from her other brow looks over the years which are almost always natural and certainly much softer than this look. The brows are far too dark and defined for Angie’s normal look which gives her a very rigid look and even takes away from her natural beauty. As far as we know, Angelina never repeated this brow look, which is definitely a good thing!

Not-So-Interview Ready


We all have those days where we just don’t look or feel our best. Maybe our outfit feels off, our hair isn’t styled the right way, or our makeup just won’t cooperate. During those times, many of us try to spend the least amount of time in public as we possibly can, preferring to retreat to our homes so we can try again tomorrow. But sometimes we’re not always so lucky and run into someone we know. This woman was caught on camera with unfortunate eyebrows to say the least. We’ll give her the benefit of the doubt and say she was just having a bad brow day.

Even She Knows They’re Bad


Judging by the look on this girl’s face, even she knows her eyebrows are just plain bad. She looks nervous and very unsure of what’s happening above her eyes. We’re just wondering how she got here in the first place since it almost looks like she decided to use her mascara to apply those brows. Luckily for her, makeup isn’t forever, and with a little soap and water, those brows will be off in no time. We just hope she finds the right hues for her skin tone and maybe looks up some YouTube tutorials next time she has a go at her makeup.

That’s An Interesting Style…

Sometimes there are eyebrows that are so bad there is seemingly no way they could possibly be saved. These are some of those brows. Considering this is a mugshot, this woman clearly has other things to worry about beyond her eyebrows—but we still have questions and lots of them. Why is it that so many inmates have questionable eyebrows? What was her thought process while doing her makeup? Why the solid line and then the trail of dots? Why!?

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 Eyebrows

This young man has left us baffled so let us deconstruct this portrait. Let’s start there—keyword: portrait. This isn’t any ol’ photo, this is clearly a school photo that will be commemorated in his year book and in picture frames on Grandma’s nightstand for years to come. This makes it even more baffling why he has his eyebrows sliced into three sections on each side. Maybe it was a dare? A senior prank of sorts? Or maybe he genuinely thinks it looks good and is hoping to be a trend setter? What ever the case, we don’t think this is a look that will catch on anytime soon.

On the Straight and Narrow

There are certain universal rules in place when it comes to achieving nice brows. The first rule is that great eyebrows don’t have to be perfect or symmetrical to look good. The second rule is that brow arches should peak about 1/8 of an inch past the outer edge of the colored part of the eye. Unfortunately, this woman failed to follow rule numero dos. Sure, your brows don’t have to be perfect to look amazing either—but this doesn’t mean matching, straight-across brows look good either. Gives those brows the arch they deserve!

Eyebrow Fails: People of Wal-Mart Edition

In the last few years, fuller and more defined eyebrows have made a comeback. But while fuller eyebrows are definitely in again, many people have taken it way too far. Take for example this woman who was spotted waiting in line at Wal-Mart. Her eyebrows have been filled in so much they look completely unnatural, and if we’re honest, a little reminiscent of the golden arches are McDonald’s. We just hope she has a new eyebrow pencil and a copy of Eyebrows For Dummies in her shopping cart.

Soup Ladle Brows

Judging by the look on this woman’s face, we think she knows how bad her eyebrows look. Perhaps she had her makeup done professionally only to be left with disastrous brows. We sort of hope that’s what happened at least…because is she opted to draw these eyebrows on herself, she needs some serious help. In any case, these eyebrows are just plain bad and honestly remind us so much of little soup ladles. If that was the inspiration behind these eyebrows then she nailed it!

Think Pink?

Judging by her mugshot, his woman has clearly gotten herself into an interesting situation. We’re not really sure where to start with this image, but we do have lots of questions. First of all, is pink your favorite color? Did you mean to match your t-shirt, hair, and eyebrow color? Why are your eyebrows like that? Did you really draw them on like that? Also, what did you do to land yourself in jail? Wait, can you be arrested for bad eyebrows? We guess some questions are better left unanswered.

The Green Eye-Browed Monster

Ok, so this woman’s eyebrows aren’t exactly green, but her hair is green and her eyebrows are still tragic so we had to. There’s really no other way to say it…these brows are bad news. But, while this woman’s eyebrows may be pretty dang scary and break every brow rule in the book, we have got to give it to her for looking amazingly confident in this photograph. The look on her face says it all—she feels beautiful. And honestly, perfect brows or not, feeling beautiful is all that matters, right? …Kind of. You should probably still fix your eyebrows…and fast.

Morse Code-Inspired Eyebrows

Alright, so, this the second mugshot we’ve encountered where the inmate has terrible eyebrows like this. Why?! Is there something we’re missing here? How on earth could you ever apply your makeup like this and think it was all fine and dandy to go out in public? We’re totally supportive of people living their own lives, but we have to call out questionable decisions when we see one. And considering this is a mugshot, we’re guessing this woman is no stranger to questionable decisions. Maybe she’ll have plenty of time in jail to learn how to do her brows properly.

Step Away From the Brow Pencil


In the last few years, bold brows have made their mark. Celebs are walking the red carpet with fierce and full brows that are pretty enviable in some cases. But with that in mind, there is such a thing as too full when it comes to your brows. Take for example this young girl who looks to have gotten a little carried away with the brow pencil. While these brows are decently shaped, they’re so large and in charge, it almost appears as if somewhere enlarged them with photoshop. Unfortunately, these things are the real deal.

Take These Brows Back to The Drawing Board

Alright, there’s a lot going on in this picture. Between the wild two-tone hair and the double facial piercings, the brows don’t even seem all that bad. Unfortunately, if you look long and hard enough, these girl’s brows start to look like tiny chicken drumsticks…or is that just us? We’re not sure what happened, but these brows break every rule of good eyebrow etiquette. Whatever the case, this young woman is clearly a creative individual with her own sense of style, so keep on rockin’ those questionable brows and own it.

Brows From Whoville


During Fashion Week 2017, these wild eyebrows appeared on the runway. Sure, high fashion produces some weird trends, but we’re not quite sure how we feel about this one just yet. Feathered brows may be back in style, but these just leave us feeling confused. Really confused. They kind of resemble eyebrows that would belong to a Who from Whoville, don’t you think? While Dr. Suess is cool and all, we don’t necessarily want to use him as a source of eyebrow inspiration.

The Never-Ending Brows

Lots of women shave their brows and drawn them on to give the illusion of real brows, but that is no easier task. It’s so easy to make drawn-on brows look unnatural so we have to empathize with those on this list. We get it! Not everyone’s eyebrows can be on fleek all of the time, but yikes, these brows are just plain bad. For starters, they seem to be about four inches long on each side, which is way too long for any eyebrow to be. They’re so long that they are about to intersect with her winged eyeliner, which is also probably way longer than it should be.

Kim Kardashian, Is That You?


Sure, celebrities are rich and blessed with strikingly-good looks, but deep within their core, they’re just like us…well, kind of. At the end of the day, celebs are people too so it’s important to not get too obsessed with the rich and famous and put them on a pedestal. Apparently, Jordan James didn’t get the memo. The internet sensation made waves in 2014 when the Daily Mail revealed he had spent more than $150,000 on plastic surgery to look like Kim Kardashian. This includes numerous lip injections, facial fillers, botox, and—as you can see—questionable eyebrow tattooing.

2006 Brows


Before full and fierce brows came back in style, thin brows were in. Women everywhere painstakingly plucked, waxed, and tweezed their eyebrows into thin, arched slits. While some looked fine, it’s still a pretty shocking that they trend was ever a trend to begin with! After all, eyebrows are so important to your face. A good brow can shape and illuminate your entire face and eliminate the need for excess makeup. This woman is the perfect example of a brow fail about a decade ago. We’re glad the thin trend is over and we’ll say a prayer for the over-plucked brows that had to suffer.

Sharpie Brows Strike Again

Sharpie brows are a serious epidemic we need to talk about. More and more ladies are drawing their brows on with too-dark eyebrow pencils than ever before. This cringe-worthy look has been dubbed Sharpie brows because well, the eyebrows look just like they were drawn on with, you guessed it, a Sharpie permanent marker. We’re not sure how or why this trend is still ongoing, because it is flattering on absolutely no one. Ladies, please treat your brows with more respect!



Ummmmmm, what? We’re not even sure what to say about this. Just when you thought you had seen it all when it came to brow fails, McBrows strikes. Fast food lovers everywhere, this one is for you! The woman here is Huda Kattan, a beauty influencer who has started the Mickey D’s brow trend. She posted a video to her Instagram showing off her heightened arches that resembled McDonald’s famous golden sign. While we assumed she was joking, many other beauty lovers have taken a cue from Huda and have posted pictures of their own McBrows. Please let this trend die out immediately.


Ladies aren’t the only ones guilty of bad brows. Guys totally miss the mark too. Take for example this man, who looks like he went a little overboard and filled in all of his facial hair, from goatee to mustache to brows. We understand the desire to have fuller brows and there is nothing wrong with a little makeup to play up your facial features. However, the first rule of good brows is that they are sisters, not twins! These brows are just too much alike and look very unnatural. Keep practicing and one day we can all have #eyebrowgoals.