The Best And Worst DC Hero And Villain Costumes On Television

When it comes to turning comics into television series, the show creators are under a large amount of pressure due to comic book fans’ high expectations. This is especially the case for the characters’ costumes since comic books rely so heavily on illustrations. If a viewer can’t distinguish who a hero or villain is at first glance, the showrunners will hear about it. So, here are some hero and villain costumes from DC characters in television that missed the mark.

Worst: Wild Dog – Arrow

In Season 5 five of Netflix’s series Arrow, Rene Ramirez’s persona as Wild Dog was satisfying to many of the viewers in its accuracy to the comics. However, by the following season, the costume had changed, and although it was considered an upgrade, it strayed away from Wild Dog’s classic image.

Picture of Wild Dog
The CW
The CW

What made Wild Dog appealing in the first place was his hockey mask and jersey, with the new design barely incorporating any of these elements.