Surprise! Your Favorite Celebrity Is Still Single

People tend to think that with fame comes easy access to relationships. But no matter how much money or success someone has, that doesn’t mean love comes with it. It takes time to nurture a real relationship, just ask anyone who’s in a successful one right now. Another problem is that it can be even harder to sustain romance when you’re in Hollywood. You’re going to be busy, and if your partner is famous as well, that’s even less time you get to spend together. Continue reading to see which of your favorite celebrities are on their own.

No One To Sing To For Sheryl Crow

Clemens Bilan/Getty Images
Clemens Bilan/Getty Images

Sheryl Crow has a fascinating dating history. She’s dated musician Eric Clapton, and then after him it was comedic actor Owen Wilson. Maybe he wasn’t funny enough though, which led to Crow becoming linked to former legendary cyclist Lance Armstrong.

Those two got engaged in Septemeber 2005, but the relationship would only last until early 2006. She hopes that her single dry spell will end soon, but puts her two adopted sons first. “I’d made a pact with myself that my kids would know anybody I was involved with as a friend first,” Crow said.