Keanu Reeves Is “The Respectful King”

Keanu Reeves
Kevin Winter/Getty Images
Kevin Winter/Getty Images

This just in: Keanu Reeves is the new ruler of the internet. By the law mandated by those online, the John Wick actor can do no wrong. He’s officially the “good guy,” and there is ample evidence to back this up. His respect for people, and especially women, is legendary.

Countless stories are floating around on the web about Reeves’ selfless acts. One time, he helped a stranded bus filled with people. Another story is that he took a pay cut for The Matrix to allow other crew members to get the money they deserved. Oh, let’s not forget the time he drove a stranger home when her car broke down.

More recently, articles swirled around that Reeves had revealed he was “lonely.” People everywhere went into a frenzy. No one could believe such a humble, handsome, and remarkable human being could feel that way. Then the kind folks on Twitter noticed another constant from Reeves. His respect for women is off the charts.

Users compiled images that the actor took with ladies, and they all have one thing in common. He doesn’t touch them during the photo. Someone pointed out that he might be following an etiquette rule typical in South Korea called “Hover hands.” It’s a sign of good manners over there. One thing we can say is that Reeves is a well-mannered man.

He’s taken pictures with all kinds of women, including a group photo with Dolly Parton, yet his hands are entirely kept to himself while the other is in his pocket. Some have labeled him “The Respectful King.” That’s a highly fitting name given the circumstances, and we can’t wait to hear how the star feels about all this. Let’s add this to his growing list of how great of a person he is.