Celebrities Dish On The Best And Worst Dates They’ve Been Set-Up On

Dating is strange, with a casual set-up leading to either an actual relationship or horrible flashbacks that plague you for months to come. And while celebrities look like they could have their pick of the pack, they’re no different than regular people.

From The Office’s Ellie Kemper being set up with a rude date to Cindy Crawford meeting her future husband through her agent, stars reveal some of their best and worst dating stories.

Jenny Slate Wasn’t Looking For A Literal Knight In Shining Armor

When gals say they want a knight in shining armor, they don’t mean that in a literal sense. Actress Jenny Slate’s blind date didn’t get that memo, though, as he showed up to their date in full-on knight apparel, chainmail, and all.

Jenny Slate Wasn't Looking For A Literal Knight In Shining Armor
Jim Spellman/Getty Images
Jim Spellman/Getty Images

During an interview with Talk Easy with Sam Fragoso, Slate said, “He comes around the corner inside the restaurant… this dude, and I’m not kidding, is dressed in full chainmail. He’s got a full authentic knight’s costume on, including a floor-length tabard, which I called a tunic, and then he corrected me and was like, ‘It’s actually a tabard.'” Wow, to be corrected in that situation!