Live Mas? Disturbing Taco Bell Employee Confessions

Taco Bell is one of life’s guilty pleasures. The quality can be below par, but you can’t beat the price. Whether you are poor, hungry at 2 am, or too far under the influence to make healthy decisions, Taco Bell frequently seems to come in handy. However, if you legitimately do love Taco Bell, you may not want to read what is to come. After all, ignorance is bliss. Here are some confessions from the people who create one of your greatest guilty food pleasures. Reader discretion advised.

Feeling Parched? Maybe dehydrated?

“When I came back to work at Taco Bell on a short break from college, the company had graduated from using ‘real’ beef and beans to dehydrated beef and beans, which was quite a difference. Just add water and POOF, there was meat or beans. This all happened in the back, so none of the customers knew anything about it.” This is one employee’s confession about working for the fast food giant.

Dehydrated foods may not necessarily be “bad,” and Taco Bell claims to use 88% premium beef in there meats. But what is that remaining 12%? It’s a bunch of vague fillers when you look up the ingredients. So the world may never know.

They Will Hire Anyone

So, you love Taco Bell so much that you want a job there? Well, according to this former employee, all you need is good skin and to have graduated from high school quite a while ago: “When I worked at Taco Bell, there were more things for the customer to worry about than just the poor ingredients. The Taco Bell I worked at didn’t seem all that particular about it’s hiring practices– a common theme at many fast food restaurants.”

The employee continued, “It seemed like anyone over the age of twenty was promoted to a managerial position based on their lack of acne alone.”

They Get Mad, We Get Even

Taco Bell is a favorite destination of people who have been out clubbing and are in the mood for some tasty and cheap eats. But no matter how badly your night has gone, think twice about channeling your frustrations towards the employees.

As one former employee confessed, “When customers were rude enough to come in late at night, a few employees would make “special burrito supremes” for them. The special burrito supremes contained all of the required ingredients, but the ingredients weren’t spread out correctly. In the first bite, the customer would taste all onions; the second bite, all dehydrated beef; and the next bite, tomatoes and so on down the burrito, all the way to the last bite. Since the late-night managers weren’t necessarily all that loyal to the company, the employees always got away with it.”

Go Finger

Do not always assume that the “hot sauce” in your Taco Supreme is actually hot sauce. Why? Because the kitchen in Taco Bell is an all-out battle field. Knives slice and dice back there like it’s medieval times.

Some people unavoidably get hurt. However, the minimum wages Taco Bell “chefs” receive does not sufficiently motivate them from keeping their blood out of their Tex-Mex creations. A woman once found blood in her taco. Taco Bell later confirmed that their employee had cut her finger and allowed the liquid DNA to drip into the food. Maybe that is the “secret sauce”?

Caught Licking

The employees of Taco Bell love their jobs, and sometimes maybe too much. Others love the company (and the food) so much that they start to lick the products. This unidentified Taco Bell employee (and probably former Employee of the Month) was photographed licking a stack of the beloved crunchy taco shells.

This guy was shamefully fired for loving the taco shells too much. Supposedly Taco Bell customers do not like their food to be made with this much love and affection. Shall taco customers lick their own food? Yes, they shell.

Gotta Hand it to Ya

This former “chef” at Taco Bell was not a fan of the company’s famous slogan “Think Outside the Bun.” He would prefer work at McDonald’s and think between the buns. This man with questionable hygiene was fired from a Taco Bell for inserting his left arm in the back of his trousers during his shift.

To make matters worse, he is now a victim of shameless puns and jokes like “read between the buns” and “crack kills.” He probably received the nickname “Cheeky” too. Taco Bell seems like a fine establishment to begin a career. Apparently it is all it’s cracked up to be.

Washing Hands is Overrated

“I never wash my hands, I just run the water to make it seem like I do… I also work at Taco Bell.” When you go to Taco Bell after drinking too many Jägerbombs, you expect low quality foods. And that is exactly what you get.

You never seem to learn from these rash decisions and you know fully well that those “chefs” in the kitchen are not properly washing their hands. So the fact that a Taco Bell employee is not washing their hands should not come as a surprise. If anything, it becomes part of the overall experience. Soap does not taste good with tacos anyways.

Bosses Encourage Busy Work

“While working at Taco Bell my fellow employee and I sent out a burnt item just to have something to do when the guy brought it back.” Some Taco Bells are open until 3 am. Boredom may began to sink in for employees. What do you do? Pretend to clean the counters for the 100th time, use the restroom to privately text people on your phone? Sure, those are some great ideas. But how about torching some tacos to a blackened crisp?

Some people may like the idea of blackened tacos. But most people are going to bring it back in disgust, requiring you to remake their food. You have to look “busy” in front of your boss somehow, and this ingenious Taco Bell employee has created a loophole to the whole process.

You are Grounded

“I work at Taco Bell and my boss told me to serve food that was on the ground.” Okay, eating food off the floor is not cool. Unless you are at an Indian restaurant where you literally eat off the ground. At Taco Bell you do eat off the floor without knowing it. What you don’t know, won’t hurt you. But we all know what is going on in the kitchen of a Taco Bell.

The floors may be cleaner than the food itself anyways. And even if the floor was not cleaner than a delicious dehydrated bean and beef taco, we assume it was picked up after the five second rule. If the food was picked up before that five second mark, nothing could contaminate it. Food for thought.

The Gift of Giving

“I work at Taco Bell, whenever someone doesn’t have enough money, I give it to them for free. The food is made anyway, why waste it?” It’s the holidays. The season of giving and receiving. Everyone is merry and giving each other thoughtful presents from the heart. And at this particular Taco Bell they don’t accept any form of payment. Their holiday season is year-round. In fact, if you don’t bring money you don’t have to pay for your food.

All you have to say is “Oh, I forgot my wallet.” This is pretty much the same thing some of you guys say on your first dates to get out of paying for the bill. If it works on a romantic first date to Olive Garden, it should work at a Taco Bell, right? One can only hope.

You’re Fired

Rachel Murray/Getty Images for Taco Bell
Rachel Murray/Getty Images for Taco Bell

“I got fired from Taco Bell four different times, and I just keep showing up to work and they forget.” How does one get fired from Taco Bell? Worse, how does one get fired from Taco Bell four times? So you got fired from licking tacos after putting your hands down pants. Now you are fired, again. What do you do? Finding a job is such a chore and a bore. Why not just show up as if nothing ever happened, again? This is such a George Costanza thing to do.

The bosses are so busy telling their “chefs” to put food on the floors, and getting blood out of the tacos, to remember who they fired. They probably also figure that whoever they hire is going to be fired next week anyway, so why bother fighting it?

Here We Go Again

“I work at Taco Bell and if you have a complicated order, I’ll say it’s okay when really it’s not.” How many times can you count on your hands (and toes) that the Taco Bell “chefs” got your order wrong? You probably are unable to remember how times because it happens every time. Remember that time your order was overly complex? “Yeah, can I get a Cheesy Gordita Crunch.” So complicated.

You drive to the payment window, pay, and thank the friendly Taco Bell employee for the food. You get home and empty the bags contents and find three orders of cinnamon twists? This happens every time, but you do not care because the cinnamon twists are the bomb.

There’s a Twist

It’s 2:37am and you are craving some pasta, but Olive Garden is closed. There is an illuminated bell off into the distance. You have reached salvation so look no further. What is the synonym for Cinnamon Twists? It’s rotini pasta, of course. This former Taco Bell “chef” reveals the secrets of the famous Cinnamon Twists. “Cinnamon twists are literally just deep fried rotini pasta!

“We get these large bags of them. Once fried, they puff up to the familiar look and we put cinnamon sugar on them!” The great thing about this is that you are relieved to hear that it isn’t sort of diseased dead animal bought at a reduced price. You can still enjoy these Cinnamon Twists!

Breakfast of Champions

Taco Bell spent five years creating a breakfast menu. Everyone was waiting patiently for this unnatural way to start the day and it finally happened Although, according to this Taco Bell employee, the new breakfast options did not live up to their expectations: “To be honest I don’t like anything on the breakfast menu. The preparation and the ingredients that go on the items just make it disgusting to me.”

It gets worse: “It’s all very greasy and very nasty. It is expensive and not worth it. You could get a better and more conventional breakfast elsewhere, like Hardee’s/Carl Jr.’s.” These are words of wisdom from this honest “chef”.

One, Two, Five, Eleven

Counting is hard. Some people can’t figure out how the pyramids were built, and some people find it difficult to count. We have all been there… I lose track of numbers after counting to twelve sometimes. This Taco Bell accountant reveals the struggle with the managers: “…they get mad if you are under your drawer amount, even though you are the one who has to pay the missing amount.”

“A firing can happen over money that never goes missing. I was threatened/warned after it happened about 4 or 5 times, but I always paid it on the spot. I just had to refine my counting methods so it didn’t happen again.”

It’s Worth The Weight

In order to become a “chef” or an “accountant” at Taco Bell you need to know the weight of every ingredient. A common thing for customers to ask is, “how much do your dehydrated beans weigh?” or “How much do 32 ‘fire’ sauces weigh?”. As an employee of Taco Bell, you need to be able to answer quickly and correctly.

A worksheet of all the ingredients’ weight is required to be filled out before an employee is considered for a position. I mean, who doesn’t want to know how much a bag of iceberg lettuce weighs? Lettuce know the answer.

Drive-Thru, Not Drive Through

For your next visit to Taco Bell, bring a stop watch. Time is taken very seriously at Taco Bell as time is of the essence. It is a place of speed and precision. The employees are timed on the amount of time it takes for the customer to order, take their food, and leave the drive-thru. The desired time is one minute and ten seconds. Some people seem to not be able to wait that long, or they forget how to use the drive-thru.

So they literally drive through the Taco Bell, causing a scene. Refrain from doing so. If you are in a rush, make sure to use the drive-thru properly and stop by to grab some food under a minute ten.

Taco ‘Bout Keeping Busy

Taco Bell is a household name in the world of fast food restaurants. People just seem to love their cheap Tex-Mex food. Peak times are generally between 12pm to 2pm and 6:30pm to 8:30pm. These would probably be the best times to avoid Taco Bells at all costs. As this Taco Bell employee explains, peak times can get very crazy.

“Probably serve about 100-200 customers in the drive thru and 100 in the store per hour.” That is a lot of dehydrated beans and beef. There is no way they can get people in and out of the drive-thru in 1:10 during those times!

Honesty is the Best Policy

JIM WATSON/AFP via Getty Images
JIM WATSON/AFP via Getty Images

“I work at Taco Bell and when I close with my cool manager we get drunk, so if you come after 10 your tacos are made by a drunk person. Sorry.”

This fact is not really much of a surprise. We all know that Taco Bell during the late night hours is full of people who have been imbibing in their substance of choice. As for the employees’ behavior, have you ever consumed wine or beer when cooking at home? Of course you have, and you are always happier while doing so. Food just tastes better when you are happy making it.

They Took The Customer’s Meal Into The Bathroom

Joe Raedle/Getty Images
Joe Raedle/Getty Images

One former Taco Bell worker shared something super disgusting on Whisper. Something that no matter how bad the customer was, there’s absolutely no reason a restaurant worker should go this far to get revenge.

They confessed: “I work at Taco Bell, and I dropped a customer’s food on the bathroom floor due to their bad attitude.” Surely this employee would have been fired had he been caught. Let’s hope it wasn’t your tacos.